Brett Goldstein’s Emmy Speech in 2022 Was a Rule Breaker

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Brett Goldstein’s Emmy speech in 2022 was, not for the first time, censored. The talented Ted Lasso star is known for his colorful language, and we love him for it. However, the people behind the Emmys are not quite as amused by his love of swear words, and they’ve already issued him a warning. The talented actor swore during his acceptance speech his family in the United Kingdom did not get to hear Goldstein thank them for their role in his success because of the cursing, and he promised he’d not do it again. But he did do it again. He said he was going to try not to do it again, but he did. Here’s everything you need to know about Brett Goldstein’s Emmy speech, relationship status, and life.

What Did Brett Goldstein’s Emmy Speech Say that Got him Censored?

The thing we really love about Brett Goldstein’s Emmy speech is that he did not go out of his way to make it a small curse. He went in hard and fast, and he did it well. If you’re going to get reprimanded for using foul language, you might as well make it count. This time around, he did it right. He waited until the end when it was too late for the powers that be to do much more than deal with it quickly. He said, “Mom, dad, Tara…I f-king love you, I really do. I’m so sorry, thank you very much,” and he was done.

He knew what he did. He knew that he had to wait until the end. The talented Emmy winner showed the world he is not someone who cares much about following the rules, and we adore him. In fact, we’d venture a guess to say the entire world has a newfound love and respect for this actor after that. His family got to hear him this time, and he still got to say it the way he wanted. Good job, Goldstein.

Who is Brett Goldstein’s Wife?

Fans want to know who Brett Goldstein is married to, but the answer is no one. He’s not married, and he’s never been married. Why there are so many questions about his wife is beyond us when it’s so easy to see that he’s an unmarried man. He does date, and many of his relationships are probably a lot more public than he cares for, but he’s a single guy. In fact, we don’t know that he is dating anyone at the moment. As for a wife, though, he hasn’t got one.

credit: @mrbrettgoldstein

What is Brett Goldstein’s Net Worth?

He’s a talented actor on a hit show and should be worth some money. Brett Goldstein’s net worth as of 2023 is around $5 million. He is doing all right, and his net worth proves it. His career has been ongoing since 2005. He’s been an actor for nearly two decades, which does add to his net worth. Though his career wasn’t always as big as it is now, he is an award-winning actor, which means his future roles will likely earn him a significant amount of money.

Where is Brett Goldstein From?

Brett Goldstein is now in his 40s, and he’s spent his life working on his career. He was born on July 17, 1980, in Sutton, London. He’s from England, and so is his family. In fact, his family is still in England, which is why they did not hear the end of his first acceptance speech. The show was edited in England to cut him off before he had a chance to say thanks to them, and he had to make up for that.

However, Goldstein’s early life was a bit more interesting than you might realize. Growing up, he attended one of the most expensive schools in the United Kingdom. The school is called the Sevenoaks School. Following that, he attended university at the University of Warwick. His degree is in film studies, which does make sense for the talented actor.

credit: @mrbrettgoldstein

It was his job after college that shocked everyone, though. He left London for Spain. It seems like a good deal. Spain is lovely. However, he left for Spain to work at a strip club. Calm down – his father purchased the strip club during what he calls his midlife crisis, and his son moved to work the club for him – not to dance. Following his strip club job, he headed straight to New York City. Acting was his dream, and he was going to make it happen. Long story short, he made it happen.

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