10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ben Allen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ben Allen

When Ben Allen stepped on stage to perform his blind audition for The Voice, he was hoping for the best, and that’s exactly what happened. Three of the four judges turned around during his performance and he made the decision to join Blake Shelton’s team. Although a steal has now moved him over to Gwen’s team, Ben has continued to thrive and viewers are enjoying every minute of his journey. His impressive vocals and ability to keep the crowd entertained are showing to be the perfect combination, not only to compete on The Voice, but to have a successful career in the music industry. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Ben Allen.

1. He Got His Start Singing In Church

Ben has always been drawn to music and he got his start by singing in the choir at his local church when he was younger. He continued to sing all the way through high school but eventually decided to leave singing behind and focus on other areas of his life.

2. He Didn’t Plan On Getting Into Country Music

Once Ben gave up singing, he didn’t think he’d ever return. Having a career as a country musician wasn’t even something that crossed his mind. He didn’t get back into music until he was 30-years-old when he picked up a guitar for the first time. He has been performing ever since.

3. He Is In A Band

Ben Allen has been the lead singer of the Ben Allen Band for  several years. The group has found tremendous success and has performed all over the country. Although he loves being part of the band, he hopes that The Voice will give him the chance to have a solo career.

4. He Works In Construction

For the last decade or so, Ben has been working in construction as an inspector. On top of having a busy schedule with his full-time job, he has also been working on his music at night. While trying to balance both probably hasn’t been easy, it looks like the hard work he’s put in is finally paying off.

5. He Is Happily Married

Having a strong support system is important no matter what you do in life, but it’s especially when important whenever you’re embarking on a new journey. Ben has been blessed to find that support in his wife. In a sweet Instagram post, Ben shouted out his wife, Laura, and thanked her for all of the love and support she’s shown him over the years. As far as we can tell the couple doesn’t have any children.

6. He Has Opened For Some Well-Known Acts

Ben may not have reached the place he wants to be quite yet, but he’s already taken lots of steps in the right direction. While performing with the Ben Allen Band, he has gotten the chance to open for some popular artists including Thompson Square and Charles Kelly from Lady Antebellum.

7. He Has Auditioned For The Voice Before

Getting the chance to compete on The Voice is truly a dream come true for Ben. It has always been a goal of his to perform on the show and his journey to earning a spot didn’t happen over night. In fact, he auditioned for the show twice prior to being chosen on the third try.

8. He Used YouTube To Improve His Guitar Skills

When Ben first picked up a guitar, he had no idea where to start. He told Palm Beach Florida Weekly, “I was 30 years old when I picked the guitar up. I still haven’t had a lesson.” In lieu of lessons, he headed over to YouTube where he learned to play the guitar by watching several videos.

9. He Loves The Outdoors

Ben was born and raised in Tennessee and he is a country boy at heart. When he isn’t busy with work, he loves spending as much time outdoors as he can. He has a big adventurous side and one of his favorite outdoor activities is riding dirt bikes. He also likes to go mountain biking.

10. He Is Thankful For All Of His Accomplishments

Ben has worked hard to earn a spot on The Voice and he is continuing to give his all during each performance. He isn’t taking any moment of the experience for granted and he’s extremely proud of all the things he’s done so far. Obviously, he hopes to win, but even if he doesn’t he is still grateful for the opportunity. Plus, just being on the show will likely open up lots of doors for him.

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