Whatever Happened to Marguerite Moreau Since Mighty Ducks?

Whatever Happened to Marguerite Moreau Since Mighty Ducks?

Whatever Happened to Marguerite Moreau Since Mighty Ducks?

It would be nice to say that every cast member from The Mighty Ducks found a great deal of success following the initial movie that ended up being one of those that many people still remember fondly to this day, but that’s not the case. Several of them attempted to keep their careers going and a few even managed to last for a while, but when it came down to it, only a very few did much as they continued to grow. Marguerite Moreau is one of those that has had a full career for many years now, even if a lot of the material that she’s been involved in hasn’t always been among the most popular mainstream content that people have paid attention to. As Connie Moreau, she was one of the more noticeable members of the Ducks since she was also one of the most aggressive and, at least in the first movie, one of the biggest players on the team. Once the second movie came along and the kids all experienced growth spurts Connie was no longer one of the biggest, but she was still able to get in there and knock around with the boys to the point of being able to take and give a hit. She was kind of thrust into the background a bit in the third movie, though she was easy to see and was still very much a part of the team.

Apparently, the story with her and Guy, played by Garrett Ratliff Henson, that is being told in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers is that the two of them have been together for the entire time and are now married with kids, and Connie is a Democratic state senator of Minnesota. Given the kind of performance that she’s put on throughout her career it’s not hard at all to see Marguerite as a senator in the show, though she’s taken on several different roles over the years. Some that don’t get a lot of attention since they weren’t a big part of the project she was involved in are still among the best that she’s done since they show that she’s both versatile in her talents and not really that shy about what kind of role she takes on. One that’s easy to mention even if she didn’t get a lot of play in the movie is Runaway Jury, which starred big names such as Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, John Cusack, and Rachel Weisz. Moreau played the role of Amanda Monroe, an assistant type to Hackman’s character and someone that knew pretty much everything she needed to about the jurors in the movie, but like everyone else slipped up when it came to Nicholas Easter, Cusack’s character, since he and Weisz had their own agenda when it came to the trial.

Many people would want to point to her time in Wet Hot American Summer or Shameless or many other projects, even Queen of the Damned, even though this movie kind of tanked for several different reasons. But one of the movies she did is one of my personal favorites since it continues a story that was great to begin with but could be so much more than it became. Her role as Charline McGee in Firestarter: Rekindled, wasn’t as well-received as it should have been, which could indicate that it wasn’t the right time to bring the movie to the attention of the people or could have been missing key elements that might have made it a little better. Or it’s possible that the TV movie tried to do too much since the original Firestarter movie didn’t really have a whole lot going on other than the fact that Charlie and her father were running from the authorities and couldn’t use their powers that much for fear of being discovered. But the whole story is one that is something that feels as though it could be even better in the current day and age with the type of effects that could be used. Perhaps someone will see the wisdom in this and act accordingly, but it doesn’t feel likely since things are currently moving forward without much of a nod to the idea.

Oh well. Marguerite has made enough of a career for herself that she’s become a readily recognizable individual to many people and someone that a lot of folks like to see whenever and wherever she shows up since she puts on a good performance and is someone that can keep a lot of people connected to their childhood in a way that feels comforting. To date, she’s created a very impressive list of performances and it would appear that she’s not done yet, as she’s only in her early 40s and is still very active. We’ll be seeing more of her, and that’s perfectly fine with us.

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