Andrew Tate: The Rise and Fall of a Social Media Influencer

Andrew Tate: The Rise and Fall of a Social Media Influencer
Andrew Tate: The Rise and Fall of a Social Media Influencer

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer and social media personality with an unmissable presence on the internet. To his dedicated fans, he represents the epitome of perceived masculinity. However, he is also widely disliked across the internet for his misogynistic views and repeated skirmishes with the law.

To understand how Tate achieved this perception, this article will look at Tate’s past and his road to fame. It will also cover the allegations of human trafficking and rape against him, as well as his life in Romania. Here’s how Tate found infamy across social media.

Andrew Tate’s Early Years and Rise to Fame

andrew tate

Emory Andrew Tate III was born on December 1, 1986, to Emory Tate and Eileen Tate. His father was a chess grandmaster, which interested him in chess during his early years. He also competed in chess during his youth. When his family moved to Britain, his interest in chess declined. However, he discovered martial arts and also took up kickboxing, where he became successful. He won in the 2009 British ISKA, earning him his first championship. It was also during this time that he used the nickname “Cobra Tate.”

Tate also appeared in the British spinoff of Big Brother, where he was one of the vocal housemates. He was removed sometime after, with producers showing that he was hitting a woman with a belt. Tate retorted, claiming that the activity was consensual, stating the real reason why he was kicked out was disagreement with the security.

His Controversies and Move to Romania

tate's video response to greta thunberg

The Big Brother star then had the idea to start up a webcam studio; so he called up his five girlfriends at that time (who were unaware of each other’s existence) and pitched his webcam business “idea.” Three of them refused and two stayed and conducted the business with him. He had the girls sit in front of a webcam and talk to men. The girls would then try to earn the trust of the men they were talking with, and then they would ask for money. Tate himself would call the business a “total scam” as they got the girls to share “fake sob stories” to elicit funds.

In 2017, one of the women working for him reported that she was sexually abused by Tate, which prompted a police raid on his home. However, after the case was mishandled, the prosecution decided not to move forward with the case as “there was no realistic prospect of a conviction.” This prompted Tate to move somewhere else, and the country he chose was Romania. He reportedly liked the fact that Romania was corrupt and the police were presumed to be idle, making law enforcement the least of his worries. While in Romania, he also ran a casino business. During this time, in what could be described as his “safe haven,” Tate continued to post his “alpha-male” content and misogynistic content alike. The latter contributed to him being banned from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter (as it was called at that time).

After Elon Musk took control of Twitter, Tate’s Twitter account was reinstated among many others. In December 2022, he taunted Greta Thunberg with his extensive car collection, citing his large carbon footprint — something any environment activist would not be happy about. Tate asked Thunberg for an email address if she wanted more, Thunberg answered sarcastically, like she always does, giving a fake email address. In response, Tate posted a video of himself addressing Greta. During the video, he showed a pizza box from a Romanian pizza company, which the public believed helped the Romanian government identify his location and arrest him. However, the Romanian DIICOT denied it.

Andrew Tate’s future


Andrew Tate was arrested on December 29, 2022, with charges of human trafficking and organized crime. His pretrial detention was extended multiple times until April 2023. He and his brother were placed under house arrest, to avoid them fleeing the country as the authorities collect information and evidence for the case. On June 13, the charges were adjusted to the more severe “human trafficking in continued form.” On August 4, their house arrest was replaced by judicial control, allowing them to leave their house, but not their county of residence (Ilfov County).

So, what does Tate’s future look like? It currently looks bleak for Tate, as the traces of his reported crimes are still on the Internet. One of the charges filed against Tate is rape. If guilty, Article 217 of the Romanian Criminal Code guarantees him prison time of three to 10 years. His human trafficking charges can also merit him three to twelve years of prison time, according to Article 204 of the same Code. Overall, imprisonment could be imminent for Andrew Tate. However, the fate of his cases lie in the evidence the authorities are still trying to gather. “There is no justice in Romania,” Tate said, a very ironic end to the man who said he loved Romania for its corruptness.

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