Andor: Aldhani-Recap

Andor: Aldhani-Recap
Andor "Aldhani" Review

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It wasn’t too surprising to see the first three episodes of Andor released all at once, but the fourth episode has pushed things ahead in a way that makes the first three feel like a long intro that kicked into high gear at the end of episode three. Seeing where Cassian came from, how his childhood was spent, in part, and what changed everything was interesting, but learning how he was drawn into the Rebellion is kind of intriguing as it makes a lot of sense considering that Cassian is a person who doesn’t place a lot of trust in others. So far this story also shows that the Rebellion is not the upright and shining example of peace in the galaxy since it’s being built on a great deal of suspicion and struggle that makes it clear that the fledgling resistance isn’t going nearly as well as it could be. It’s funny how the Rebellion was shown as the side of good and righteousness at the beginning of the franchise, but few people ever saw the darker side of the resistance. 

Andor Runs on Deception and Dread in “Aldhani” |

credit: Andor

Rogue One gave the first real glance into the darker bowers of the Rebellion. 

When Cassian killed his own informant, it was pretty clear that the Rebellion was willing to go to greater lengths than many had realized as they attempted to overthrow the Empire. Saw Guerrera was another sign that things were not going to be kept to a level that people could easily respect, as his guerilla tactics cast a huge shadow on the idea that the Rebellion was in the right at all times. People obviously needed to be reminded that fighting an enemy such as the Empire often means that things are going to get dirty, and those who are up for the fight are going to have to do whatever it takes to make sure that they’re the ones standing at the end. It’s already been proven that the Empire is willing to do anything and everything to maintain their power base, as their people are little more than numbers and data to be moved around. The Rebellion likes to make it appear that their people matter, but in the long run, they’re about results just as much as the Empire. 

Sadly, the level of mistrust that exists in this show is necessary at times. 

The fact that people switch sides so much in this franchise is enough to justify the idea that people can’t always trust each other. Despite the many evils that the Empire has committed at this point, there are still plenty of people willing to overlook this and follow the dictates of the stronger force. The Rebellion, or however it might be known in various parts of the world, is apparently still more than a little disorganized and is having trouble finding the funding for its many operations, not to mention that it’s being pushed by those who were at one point firm believers in the idea that Chancellor Palpatine was someone who could be trusted. Once they discovered that his plans for the Empire were anything but peaceful, they were already locked into a system that wasn’t about to allow them an easy chance to escape. The level of espionage apparent in this series in just the first few episodes has made it clear that trust is not a common thing in this universe. 

Andor Episode 4 Review: 'Aldhani' Grapples with the Sorrow of Empire

credit: Andor

There’s no doubt that those who are devoted to the Empire are going to do the most dirt. 

Introducing the ISB and Mon Mothma was a great move since Mon Mothma was, back in the day, meaning this era, one of the most valuable members of the Rebellion ever had. Princess Leia might have been one of the biggest supporters, along with her family, but the senator is one of those who helped to spearhead the Rebellion and is without any doubt one reason it was successful in the first place. It’s made apparent that the ISB only cares about results and rooting out the Rebellion, though it doesn’t believe this to be as much of a threat, as it’s treated more like an annoyance. 

It would appear that Andor has become at least half the man that he appears to be in Rogue One. 

Cassian is a cautious and secretive man, but his belief in the Rebellion has yet to be shown since, despite agreeing to a mission, he’s still not fully onboard with what’s going to happen and believes it to be a suicide mission when it comes to dealing with a garrison manned by 40 or more soldiers. Plus, the appearance of TIE fighters makes it clear that the mission won’t be that easy. While Cassian is a man of action, he’s not a man that believes in the group that he’s now a part of, at least not yet. 

Mon Mothma

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