10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Paradise Hotel” on FOX

Paradise Hotel

Ever since the television was manufactured, we have found ourselves sitting in front of the box for hours on end searching for a show that is worth keeping our eyes occupied. Paradise Hotel has returned after more than a decade and if you are curious about it, here are a few details to enlighten you.

1. The cast will have alcohol flowing

When Kristin Cavallari talked to E! News, she revealed that while the show has everything, the main focal point will be the bar and alcohol will be flowing. According to Kristin, the bar is essential seeing that the cast is going to a place where they know no one, and they most probably will want to break the few-days quarantine the best way they know how. Of course, as with any place where intoxication is involved Kristin admits it can be a little dangerous.

2. It is a remake

Time can render things obsolete, and it is up to us to remain innovative. Take for instance the fashion industry where the clothes that were worn in the 80s somehow find their way back to the 21st century but with a more attractive look. Similarly, television shows can have low ratings if they do not fit perfectly with the targeted audience and Paradise Hotel, which debuted in the early 2000s, has found its way to our screens but in a more revamped version. Matter of fact is in this day of the internet, the show will according to Distractify.com, add a huge social media twist that we can only wait to see.

3. The cast is attractive and fit

For a show that is enticing people to couple up, it makes sense to have them attractive and fit although beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. According to E!News, the first group checking into the hotel is ridiculously attractive and fit as is evident not just from their pictures but their occupations as well. Among those making it to the Paradise Hotel are a hairstylist, trainer, model, yoga instructor among others.

4. It takes up Big Brother format

Following Big Brother was always exciting with the endless drama and sometimes the cast falling in love onscreen. Paradise Hotel will also happen in real time, so you will not have to question about its being real or fake. However, although most of the happenings will be in real time, it will feature recorded footage. We can brace ourselves for real-life drama because whether we like it or not, where love, alcohol and money are involved, the competition gets real and true characters are revealed.

5. The show had two winners for its first season

Competitions are stiff, but the real headache comes when one has to choose the winner and both contestants remaining deserve the money. That was the case in the first season of Paradise Hotel when two contestant couples were left standing: Keith and Tara and Dave and Charla. When those who had been eliminated returned to vote, they could not flip one couple over the other, so both couples ended up splitting the $500,000 ultimate prize. Money truly is the root of all evil because while Keith decided to share his $250,000 with Tara and ultimately to take the entire cast to Las Vegas, Charla opted to keep the money to herself.

6. Those with appealing personalities can be invited back

Someone once said that no matter how beautiful you are, if you have an ugly heart, then you are ugly. Paradise Hotel must follow this saying because although they like to cast those with gorgeous bodies, they also prefer to have someone with a vibrant personality. The evidence is through Zack Stewart who was in the first season of Paradise Hotel in 2003, but despite not making it to the final round, he was invited back for the second season; it was not just because he is a hunk, but his charisma also played a part. For some, the third time is the charm, but for Zack, he won the second season.

7. It is returning to Fox after 16 years

Fox ordered a remake of the show that graced our screens for the first time in 2003. Although it will have a few changes, it will still follow the original show’s format in which single people of the opposite sex will live, play and hook up on the resort. After a week, the contestants will vote out one person who will be replaced by another single person.

8. It will be produced by 495 Productions

The new version of Paradise Hotel will be produced by 495 Productions, Inc. which operates as a TV production firm involved in creating, developing and producing reality programs for cable and network broadcasters. It was founded in 2006 by SallyAnn Salsano, and on March 26, 2014, FremantleMedia North America acquired a majority stake on the company. The company is behind many reality series such as “Nashville Star,” “More to Love,” “The Antonio Project” and many more.

9. It has three executive producers

The original version of the show was created and produced by Mentorn Media, and it, therefore, makes sense to have Becca Walker and Celia Taylor of this production company be involved in this renewed version. Apart from the two, SallyAnn Salsano will also be involved in the production of course since her company is the one producing the show. Salsano is a well-known name on reality TV, and the Hollywood Reporter has featured her for three years in a row on their “Reality TV: Most Powerful” list. Variety Magazine also for the last five consecutive years has featured Salsano as their “Reality Impact Report.”

10. The third season is filmed in Baja Sur Mexico at Rancho de Costa

What we know for sure is that the location for Paradise Hotel has to entice the singles and this time they will be hooking up at Rancho de Costa. The resort has two luxury villas namely Villa Marlin and Villa Langosta which combined have an interior and exterior space measuring 17,800 square feet and 12,000 square feet respectively.

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