Amber Heard Will Star In Conor Ally’s Into The Fire

Amber Heard Will Star In Conor Ally’s Into The Fire
Amber Heard Will Star In Conor Ally’s Into The Fire

Credit: Aquaman

Were you hoping that Amber Heard’s career in Hollywood was over following the Johnny Depp Defamation trial?

Well, not so fast. At this point, everyone understands that the actress will reprise her role as Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, despite the fact that fans have greatly voiced their displeasure over Heard not being dropped from the role. That isn’t the only role on the actress’s calendar, as Heard is attached to appear in Conor Ally’s period piece, Into The Fire.

What is it about? The upcoming film has hints of The Exorcist within it as it follows a couple with an autistic son who has to deal with villagers and a local priest who believe that the young boy is possessed by demonic forces. Heard plays an American psychiatrist who is sought after by Don Marquez following the shocking death of his wife. She heals the autistic boy (played by Lorenzo McGovern Zaini), though she faces the uproar of the villagers who feel the boy is a saint.

Amber Heard Will Star In Conor Ally’s Into The Fire

Credit: Gully

Ally is still a young director who recently came out with a big feature called No Man’s Land, starring Frank Grillo, Andie MacDowell, and George Lopez. The film is about a man who flees to Mexico in hopes of seeking forgiveness and mercy from the victim’s father, who was killed during a border patrol routine. Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi, Pascal Borno, Silvio Muraglia, and Alain Gillissen are producing Into the Fire. Iervolino spoke about Heard being in the cast, noting that he was ecstatic to have the actress in the film, “We are excited to bring this amazing to life with Conor, and the dynamic trio to Amber, Eduardo, and Lorenzo, who gel so beautifully. And we’re always proud to bring another high-quality film project to Italy.” He tells Variety.

There is no official date on when the film will be released. Considering the fact that Heard’s credibility took a massive hit during the trial, this is definitely good news for her. There’s been speculation that the actress’s career is done for good, and according to the British newspaper The Mirror, Heard also feels her time in Hollywood is done. It’s been revealed that Amber doesn’t exactly have the money to pay back Johnny Depp, so the report also states that she’s planning to write a tell-all book as well, “She has already started conversations for the book and is obviously excited about the topic. At this point, Amber has nothing to lose and wants to tell all,” a source told The Mirror.

Amber Heard Will Star In Conor Ally’s Into The Fire

Credit: Aquaman

Of course, it was an article from The Washington Post that got the actress in financial debt with Johnny Depp, so the Oscar nominee and his team of lawyers are definitely keeping an eye out on this book. There’s no telling whether Heard’s career is truly over or not, though the reaction to the Johnny Depp case wasn’t favorable for her. Her biggest film on the calendar remains Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, though she’s reportedly in the movie for less than ten minutes. Even when Jason Mamoa was questioned on the status of Heard during the season three red carpet premiere of his Apple TV+ series See, Aquaman himself purposely avoids speaking about his co-star.

“All the hype, all the buzz, all the talk [around] Aquaman 2 – what can we expect? Have you talked to Amber? How are things? The interviewer asks. “It’s just laughs. I’ve never… uh, me and Patrick [Wilson], it’s a bit of a brother’s journey and so it’s a lot of funny stuff. And there’s a lot of stuff that’s just what’s going on in our environment, talking about climate change, and just hitting on certain things that I wanted to hit on, and yeah, it’s just a lot of laughs. And a lot of pain, so just wonderful action to the next level.” The movie premiere should be very interesting.

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