The Amazing Similarity Between Jemaine Clement and Mick Jagger’s Voices

So looking at Jemaine Clement and Mick Jagger there are some startling similarities, especially in their voices. as most of you should know, shame on those that don’t, Mick Jagger is the main vocalist for the Rolling Stones and is a rock legend in his own right. Jemain Clement is the voice of  Nigel in Rio and Rio 2.  He’s also the voice of the giant crab in Moana.  Clement also looks a lot like Benecio Del Toro when you really look at him. When you hear the two side by side it’s kind of amazing to hear how alike they sound in pitch and even in how they speak. Both men get somewhat quiet at certain moments as though they need a moment to regroup and don’t want people hearing what they say during such a pause.

There is an argument that there are so many templates of people that exist in the world that eventually people will start to look alike. It makes me wonder if there is a theory that is similar to this when it comes to the voice of an individual. It would be a much harder theory to prove really since so many different factors can affect a person’s voice. If they drink too much, smoke, live in a polluted area, shout all the time, don’t talk that loud, or even just abuse their voice in some manner it can affect their vocal chords to such a degree that the pitch of their voice can be affected.

For some insane reason though these two sound so much alike that it’s simply eerie. By listening to them you might think that they’re related but obviously this isn’t so. This is why I think that voice frequencies can be just as real as facial templates. The voice frequency of one person can be shared by another and as a result they sound so much alike that you might be talking to the same person on the phone unless you have a way of differentiating between the two. Without seeing these two in person you might actually confuse them just by their voices.

I know that sounds odd and a little out of left field but just listen to the clips for a bit with your eyes closed and then you might hear it. It’s ridiculous to tell you to guess which one you just listened to since you have to click on the link to get it to go, but pay close attention to how each man talks. There are different inflections and speech patterns used by each man, but the closeness of their voices, the pitch, the tone, everything, is simply astounding.

You might think I’m a weirdo for noticing this but the next time you hear a voice that sounds familiar and turn around to find out that it’s someone else this might click. Voices are just as distinct as faces but every now and then two of them can be almost exactly the same.


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