10 Things You Didn’t Know about JoJo Offerman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about JoJo Offerman

JoJo Offerman

The dynamic and delightful JoJo Offerman was one of the WWE’s most fabulous divas during season one. She didn’t return for season two because she was so young when she started the job. After leaving the show to become an announcer, JoJo worked for about five years. Though she announced her pregnancy via Instagram and told fans, she was due in June, but the former Diva disappeared from the spotlight sooner than expected. Fans were concerned and wondered where she went so suddenly. No worries, the daring and controversial diva is just on maternity leave. Here are ten (other) things you didn’t know about Jojo Offerman.

1. Away From Home

Jojo, whose real name is Joseann Alexie Offerman, grew up in Toluca Lake, California. She lived there with her family until she signed with the WWE in 2013. In fact, becoming a WWE diva was her first time moving out of the house. The then 19-year-old Offerman was one of the youngest Divas ever at just nineteen years old. While other girls were busy starting college or moving to Hollywood to work their way into show business, she was moving out to become a star. Doubtless, it was a considerable change for Jojo to go from family life right into a professional career. However, she certainly seems to thrive in the limelight.

2. Sporty Family

It’s possible that JoJo was destined to become an athlete. Indeed, athleticism runs in the family. She is the daughter of professional baseball player José Offerman who played an impressive fifteen seasons of Major League Baseball plus another four seasons of Mexican League and independent league baseball. That’s almost twenty years as an athlete. José and JoJo aren’t the only sporty members of the family because her older sister Valerie Barrera is a marathon runner. That’s an impressive collection of athletes. We don’t know if it’s genetic or a result of exposure to sports, but either way, it certainly worked out well for the Offermans.

3. Winning

June 26, 2013, JoJo made her main roster debut alongside the Funkadactyls. In her first tag-team match, she was never even tagged in, though the team still won. During her time wrestling as part of the main roster, JoJo always fought as a part of a team. Regardless, she’s never lost a main roster match. We don’t care that she never fought a main roster match alone, team players are an essential part of most sports. JoJo is a winner in our books and those of the fans as well.

4. Big Family

Alexie and José Offerman, JoJo’s parents, had a large family. She grew up with two brothers, Anthony, and David plus older sister Valerie Barrera and younger sister Jaelynn. It must have been a lot of fun to grow up in such a large and sporty family. We can see the siblings playing outside in Toluca Lake, where they all grew up together. Of course, growing up in a group of five siblings like that can also be frustrating, but the Offerman kids seem like they all turned out well.

5. Mamma’s Girl

Lots of little girls have a deep connection to their fathers. In JoJo’s case, her dad would have been away playing ball a lot of the time, though that doesn’t necessarily change their relationship. However, JoJo is a momma’s girl. She and her mother share a special connection that they’ve both mentioned numerous times over the years. She shares photos of her mom on Instagram often, and never misses a chance to send her love or a compliment to Alexi.

6. Stunning Singer

Some people are talented, and then some are just extra. JoJo is in the latter category. She’s gorgeous and obviously athletic, but did you know she can also sing? During her main roster debut, she sang the theme song for Tons of Funk with the Funkadactyls. She also sang the National Anthem at Summer Slam. JoJo has an incredible voice, and we’d love to hear more from her in the future. Maybe when she’s done with her wrestling career, we’ll get to hear more from her.

7. Single

Though she hasn’t had a record deal (yet), JoJo has a single out. The song is called Somebody Call My Momma. She worked with Tons of Funk to produce the song and video for the WWE.

8. Afraid

You might expect a wrestler to be totally fearless, but everyone is scared of something. In JoJo’s case, there’s definitely something that spooks her. Halloween is a lot of fun, but it also creeps her out big time even though she likes to dress up. All the spooks and ghouls are one of our favorite times of the year, but it’s not for everyone.

9. Mistress Drama

JoJo and Bray may be proud new parents now, but the beginning of their relationship was public and more than a little rocky. In 2012 Bray married his high school sweetheart Samantha. They were together for five years, but in 2017 he had an affair with no other than JoJo. When Samantha found out, she filed for divorce. Since then, JoJo and Bray have been inseparable. Intriguingly, neither Bray nor Samantha spilled the beans about the affair. JoJo also wasn’t the one who let the public in on their private drama. It was a divorce lawyer who told The Daily Mail about the cause for the divorce.

10. Giving Birth

JoJo and baby daddy, Windham Lawrence Rotunda, aka Bray Wyatt, welcomed newborn son Knash Sixx Rotunda on May 18th of this year. He was born prematurely, and JoJo hemorrhaged during labor, which was nearly fatal. She survived and is happy at home with her baby boy.

Final Thoughts

Most kids who dream of growing up to become wrestlers don’t expect it to happen right out of high school. JoJo is a unique case, and her talent and beauty speak for themselves. Anyone involved in a controversial relationship is bound to have more than a few haters, but we find it very strange that none of the people involved had any plans to let that cat out of the bag until the lawyer did. Do you think she broke up a marriage, or does it seem more likely that there were problems before she got there, and it happened to work out in her favor? Let us know, or tell us what surprised you the most about JoJo in the comments section.

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