10 Things You Didn’t Know about Archie Panjabi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Archie Panjabi

This is one of those times when a name can be slightly deceiving since, as you can see, Archie Panjabi is obviously a woman. The name Archie is something that many people would associate with a man and likely a man that was born to more European or even American parents parents. But Archie has put up with this for many years now and has found a way to deal with it on the occasion that such a misunderstanding does crop up. The mindset that she brings to her career is astoundingly positive and she’s had a good time with what she wants to do for so long that many roadblocks and minor irritations that are found in her path are commonly moved around or pushed through with only minimal, if any, issues that need to be dealt with. She’s been such a positive influence in Hollywood that bringing her down doesn’t seem all that possible.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. Both of her parents are schoolteachers.

You can almost imagine that growing up she didn’t get away with a lot when it came to school, but perhaps that was a good thing. It would have meant that they expected a great deal from her, so it could have played a part in pushing her just enough to get to where she wanted to be.

9. She played the role of a 14-year old when she was in her 20s.

There are those people that simply don’t seem to age in their lives and appear far younger than they really are, or can somehow pull off the look without much effort. It is common to see people that are older than their roles in such a capacity though.

8. She enjoys doing new things.

It’s always nice to get out and do something different and Archie has a great love for doing things that challenge her perceptions and force her to take on new challenges that she may or may not be ready for.

7. She’s wanted to be an actor her whole life.

There was no question in her mind what she wanted to do when she was younger. This is the moment that she’s wanted to live since she was young. Now that she’s here she’s enjoying every moment of it.

6. Her mother is a big inspiration in her life.

Her mother wanted to be a teacher but her father wasn’t entirely supportive. Despite it all however her mother did become a teacher and has been highly supportive of her throughout her entire life. Her father has been a great support as well.

5. Thanks to her name people often expect her to be male.

Hearing the name “Archie” a lot of people do happen to think of a man. She’s had to deal with this pretty much her entire life as the common assumption is that this is a male name. She hasn’t let it get her down however and has grown quite used to people making such an assumption.

4. She’s in The Good Wife.

This has been one of her favorite roles as she’s said in the recent past and just one among many that she’s already accepted and made quite popular. So far in her life her acting career has been nothing but successful and quite enjoyable as she’s relayed during past interviews.

3. She’s been acting since 1995.

Archie has been around for a while obviously and has learned enough about the industry to navigate it and get around. One might think that over two decades spent in the industry might mean that she should be a well-known name and a superstar but she seems to be happy where she’s at and more to the point is doing just fine in her current capacity.

2. She starred in San Andreas.

Archie plays the role of a reporter in this film concerning the San Andreas Fault as it slips and causes a catastrophic effect which throws almost the whole of Southern California into an uproar as the city of San Francisco is decimated. While a lot of people theorize about this the movie has been widely criticized by many people when it comes to what might actually happen should the fault give way.

1. She’s trained in ballet.

She did receive classical training and for all intents and purposes is still able to perform at least somewhat, though there’s not to much information on whether or not she’s practiced for quite a while or not. One can assume that she did this as a child and possibly an adolescent as many people do, but perhaps gave it up for an acting career. The two don’t seem like they’d be entirely compatible.

In any case, Archie is definitely a talented woman that has earned her place in Hollywood.

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