10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amaranta Venegas

TikTok has changed the world, but most of us have no idea just how much at this point. The app is fairly new in the grand scheme of things, and we cannot even begin to fathom how this app will change the world in decades to come. It’s already started, and we don’t even know the extent of it. Right now, young people such as Amaranta Venegas are just making videos, posting their stuff online, and growing their massive followings. She and others like her are becoming famous almost overnight for doing nothing more than knowing how to post a video, and it’s explosive. Who is she? What is she like? Here is everything you don’t know about this young TikTok star.

1. She is Young

Amaranta Venegas is still quite young. She’s only a teenager for another year or so. She was born on July 24, 2002. She will celebrate her 19th birthday in 2021, but it’s her 20th in 2022 that will likely be a big celebration. It’s the first year you are no longer a teenager and officially feel like an adult.

2. She is Colombian

Venegas was born and raised in Colombia. She did not, however, spend her entire life living there. While she was there with her family for a long time, they did eventually move from the South American country to Mexico City where she’s been living for some time now.

3. She is Funny

One thing that she is known for is her comedy. She posts a lot of funny videos. She is humorous, and her fans love it. Her comedy is a big reason that she’s been able to gain so many followers in such a short amount of time. She’s funny, people enjoy following her as a result, and she has managed to make a killing off of it so far.

4. She Loves Her Friends

We know this because she often shares her posts with them. She has her friends in her videos with her, and it’s clear that they have a great friendship. They are funny, they are close, and they are sweet together. We imagine her parents love that their daughter has found a group of sweet friends with whom to share her young life.

5. She’s Been Online Since 2018

One thing that is amazing to us is the fact that she’s only been on TikTok since August of 2018. That is the month she posted her first video. It’s been fewer than three years. She didn’t go viral right away, but it’s still amazing to us how much she has grown and how many things she’s done in fewer than three solid years. It’s shocking.

6. She’s Worked with Skechers

Being a major social media influencer has its perks, and one of those perks is getting to work with world-wide brands that have many fans that you can see yourself exposed to. She was part of a campaign with Skechers, the shoe brand, that helped her grow even more. The campaign was the #SkechersDanceIntoSchool campaign, and it was huge.

7. She Keeps a Theme

Her Instagram page is one with a theme. That theme is Amaranta up close and personal. Her entire feed is filled with nothing but photos of herself up close and personal. She rarely smiles in them, and she keeps them all pretty serious.

8. She’s Private

One thing that she does not do on a regular basis is share anything overly personal with her followers. She does keep things largely to herself, which is a good thing. She is still young, after all. The world does not need constant and unfiltered access to her life outside of her job on social media.

9. She Loves Fashion

She’s a fashion lover, and she loves to take risks and think outside the box. She is not inspired to be just like everyone else and to dress the way that everyone else is dressing in her life. She likes to spend her time focused on wearing what makes her feel good in a moment.

10. She’s Confident

It takes a great deal of confidence to post yourself online for millions of people to see in general, but to do so in bikinis is a huge confidence teller. She does this regularly, and it tells us she is happy in her own skin, she doesn’t mind what people think of her, and she doesn’t care about anything other than what makes her feel good. These are not bad things.

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