10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amaia Salamanca

Amaia Salamanca is the kind of actress who has a memorable face. She’s lovely, and it surprises no one that she lands as many roles as she does. However lovely she may be, though, it is her acting skills that allow her to continue booking roles in some of the world’s most famous television shows and movies. She’s famous for things like Grand Hotel and more, but her fans want to learn more.

1. She is an 80s Child

She, like so many of us, is a woman born in the last of the greatest decades. She was born on March 28, 1986, which means she is among the last kids to graduate high school without the influx of social media and/or a childhood documented and shared with the world online. It was a good time to grow up, and it’s a time her own kids will never know.

2. She’s Spanish

When she was a child, she grew up in Spain. She was born in Madrid, and her family did not go far. The family lived in the area most of her life, and she spent her time there playing with friends, learning, and making memories that are so common in a happy household.

3. She is an Actress

If you’re thinking you know her from somewhere, it’s because you do. She’s a famed actress, and she’s well-known for a number of roles she’s taken on over the years. one of her most famous roles is as Catalina Marcos in the series Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso. She was also in a show called Grand Hotel. Though these are two of her most famous works, they are not her only notable roles.

4. She Did Not Dream of Acting

As a child, she did not dream of one day acting for a living. We don’t know what she dreamed of doing while growing up, but she has made it clear that acting was not her dream. She didn’t see it as anything that she’d do. She may not have even thought about it. What we know, however, is that she didn’t dream of it.

5. She Models

When she is not acting, she’s modeling. She’s had many campaigns to shoot, she has worked in videos, and she’s done some modeling in television shows. She’s quite good, and she’s also quite tall at almost 5’8. This means she’s not a runway model, but she can model if her height is not an issue.

6. She Puts A Lot of Effort Into Her Work

When she filmed the Grand Hotel series, she had to do so by acting as if she was from the early 1900s. It’s only been 100-ish years, but we have changed so much over the course of the past century. No one is the same any longer. We don’t move the same, speak the same, or use the same mannerisms, and that is what she found most difficult about this role. Figuring out how to move and behave as if she was from this time was a lot for her to learn.

7. She is A Mother

She’s a wife, a mom of three, and she is an actress. What people love so much about her is that she continues to work and to care for her children, and she is such a role model in that aspect. She’s happy to do that, and she’s happy to share with the world that it is possible to do it all.

8. She Wed Many Years Ago

She’s still young in her mid-30s. This is why many are surprised to learn that she wed her husband back in 2010. They were so young when they got married, but they are making it work. Their marriage is 12 as of 2022, and they are happily raising their three little ones together.

9. She is Confident

The world was so excited when she chose to pose for a magazine spread in the middle of one of her pregnancies. There are many women in this industry who might not do that for fear of looking anything less than perfect in a size 00, but she did it, and she loved it. She was in the middle of her second pregnancy with her son (her first born is a daughter) when she posed, and it was a massive success.

10. She’s Very Private

Despite being famous, being happy to talk to her fans, and being willing to work regularly on her career, she is not someone who does much open talking with the world. She doesn’t share too much about her personal life or the lives of her family, and that is refreshing. A

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