Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Mid-Season Round Table

Agents of SHIELD

We have a long hiatus for this show and know quite little what the second half has in store for us. What are things that you hope, want, AND think will happen when the show returns in March 2016?

Andy Behbakht: I want to actually see some more Marvel characters come in from the comic books, especially those who were actually part of the Secret Warriors. I’m tired of comic book shows feeling like they have to create new characters and not use the great library that they have. There is a lot that I want from the second half, but I especially want that arc to get some progression. Also, what the Marvel is this planet and is the First Inhuman someone (hopefully) from the Marvel Comics?

Blaise Hopkins: I’m not really sure what I want from SHIELD at this point. I hope that Daisy’s Secret Warriors continue to develop and we see one or two more Inhumans join her team for now. I really would love to see the show incorporate Hive as the villain, because it would be an awesome minor villain to incorporate from the comics who would never make it on screen in a Marvel movie. SHIELD has been really solid so far this season, and I’m not too worried about what will happen as long as it can finish as strong as it started.

Nick Hogan: I’d like to see Ward’s body used in a creative way. I’m nervous about his new role but very excited to see what might happen. But with Marvel, I’ve learned to be patient and enjoy the ride. I hope to see more development from May, Coulson, Daisy, and some solid Inhumans develop. I want more FitzSimmons and as much Lance Hunter as they’ll give me. That guy’s hilarious.

Chris King: I want and hope to see more of Bobbi and May being awesome together, Daisy getting a more captivating storyline (and that she doesn’t become boring like Lincoln now that the show is apparently putting the two of them together), Coulson continuing in the interesting direction that SHIELD has taken him in this season, Fitz and Simmons officially becoming a couple without either of them losing the new spark that they’ve had so far this year, and Andrew receiving a chance at redemption. What do I think will happen? I really have no idea, aside from SHIELD going up against Hydra and Inhuman Ward. Here’s hoping it makes for some solid conflict to drive the second half of this season.

Last but not the least, do you think and want the show to tie-in with Captain America: Civil War, the first film in Phase 3, when it comes out in May 2016? And if so, how should the show tie-in with that film?

Andy Behbakht: After the letdown from Avengers: Age of Ultron, where Coulson doesn’t even get mentioned, despite the fact that his gift from the show managed to save all those people at the end of the film, I really hope Captain America: Civil War and Agents of SHIELD have a major tie-in with maybe even some of the characters from the series showing up in that film. It’s interesting that Civil War the comic book was so much about secret identities, and while the movie won’t be exploring that since the cinematic universe doesn’t have that element, SHIELD and even the Netflix shows are exploring heroes whose identities aren’t public. That in itself can actually naturally tie-in with the film, especially since we will have Spider-Man now making his debut in this universe. Either way, I hope for some tie-in where the show doesn’t have to depend on the film, but maybe with something as simple as Coulson revealing to the Avengers that he is alive and he chooses Tony or Steve’s (he would totally stand by Cap) side in this conflict that they will be dealing with.

Blaise Hopkins: I definitely think that the show could crossover with Civil War really easily. The fact that Inhumans, good or bad, will be popping up around the world goes hand in hand with the idea that Civil War presents. I don’t want it to cause any disrupt or lack of trust between the characters on the show, but I believe it could be an extremely interesting idea to play with as the season progresses. Obviously, people won’t be comfortable with Inhumans going around unknown with the ability to do bad things, and it could add some nice depth to the ideas and conflicts of Civil War; however, I don’t want it to control or alter SHIELD‘s story either. The show has finally gotten to a point where I want to keep up with it each week, and I would hate for Marvel requirements to ruin what it has built in this third season.

Nick Hogan: I absolutely want a tie-in. I don’t know what it should be, and I don’t care. The more direct, the better. Captain America: The Winter Soldier gave us one of the best movie tie-ins of any show to date. If a Civil War tie-in is half as good for Agents of SHIELD as that one was, then it will do great things for the show. And that’s awesome.

Chris King: Nope. I don’t any sort of major tie-in. If you want to reference the movie through a line or two of dialogue, that’s fine. Aside from that, though, just let Agents of SHIELD be Agents of SHIELD. Telling a singular, specific story is what works best for Agent CarterDaredevil, and Jessica Jones, and when SHIELD is allowed to do its own thing, too, the show becomes the best version of itself.

Agents of SHIELD returns with new episodes on Tuesday, March 8, at 9/8c on ABC. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what you thought of the first half of Agents of SHIELD Season 3!

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