A Captain Carter Show? Yes, Please

As of right now, it would appear that a series starring Captain Carter from the What If? The series is more of a rumor than a reality, but a lot of people are already here for it and want to see such a series happen. The character was well-received when the Disney+ show was released, and while she has yet to gain the same notoriety as her male counterpart, she’s already a character that many people happen to enjoy and would love to see more of. It does stand to reason that many of the same enemies could be brought into play, but how they would be dealt with, and whether or not their efficiency as villains would be different is interesting to think about. One has to take into account how many enemies Captain America has made over the years, and how this might change with Captain Carter, especially if she’s seen to retrieve Steve Rogers and the Hydra Stomper. To say that she’s a fan favorite is putting it lightly, but the truth is that Captain Carter could be one of the heroes that the MCU needed at this time. 

The MCU feels like it might be just fine according to some folks, but to others, it does feel as though it might need a change. That’s fair, but expanding while maintaining the status quo as a measuring stick is fun as well since it’s not about tearing down or placing anyone above others that have come before. Instead, adding in new stories, new characters, and new situations that are based on what’s come before tends to make people think in different ways and can open up new stories that will push the MCU forward. Captain Carter might still need to be given an extra push in some crucial way to make such a project work, but it does feel as though this wouldn’t be a huge hurdle. 

A big reason for this is that Peggy Carter has been well-liked since she showed up in Captain America: The First Avenger, and has been one of the several characters that people wanted to see more of. Sadly, her own show didn’t go off quite as well, but it does feel as though it could have only lasted so far before it would have been necessary to cancel or drastically change it. But bringing her back in this way has proven to be just as popular as it was when she was first brought in, and people are definitely wanting more. But the question that now remains is how things will move forward if they do, is what, and who, Captain Carter will end up standing against. There are quite a few possibilities, but given that this is a new universe, one has to wonder how different the villains will be, and how her relations within her own country will affect the story. That’s one of the biggest guesses after all since Captain America represented his own country, and it’s fair to think that Captain Carter would do the same. However her story plays out, it does feel that she could become more of an overall symbol of hope and freedom to a wide range of people. 

In all honesty, an idea for a Captain Carter show feels loaded with possibilities, but what direction this idea could take feels as open as it gets, and determining how far and how long this story could go on is something that has yet to be revealed. It does feel as though an animated show would be a better way to make this happen, but a live-action version could also be something that might be able to give Captain Carter a bit more oomph when it comes to integrating her even more into the MCU. Some would say that she’s already there, that there’s no way to deny that she’s already an important part, and they’re right for the most part since she is and has been a popular character for years now. But taking it even further is going to require another significant push that will make it possible to see her as a viable character that can stick around for a while. 

Given that she’s shown up in the Doctor Strange sequel recently it’s not hard to think that pushing for her show would be something that fans are more than willing to do. How her story would be pushed through is kind of tough to think about since her encounter with Wanda Maximoff didn’t go that well, and despite her best efforts she didn’t make it in the end. But a Captain Carter show would still be a great idea if such a thing could happen, especially since it’s essentially a redesign of a classic hero and therefore is bound to climb even higher if that’s the overall desire. 

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