90210 3.13 “It’s Getting Hot In Here” Review

The third season of 90210 has been on it’s A-game all season, but while last night’s episode kept up the pace in quality, there were some uneven sections throughout the hour.

Cousin Emily.

Cousin Emily (aka Kelly Taylor-lite) made it known that she will be the person who we will want to strangle on a weekly basis till the end of the season. The girl clearly has a divide and conquer plan involving Annie’s friends and possibly Annie’s life, but for what? Did Annie and Dixon give the girl hell back in Kansas for being so chipper? Or has she always had it in for her far more popular cousin?

Granted that Emily kind of had a motive to backstab Annie for being mean to her back at the Wilsons’ (Emily had overheard Annie’s rant about her before the spa trip). With that said, she crossed the line when she blatantly lied to Naomi and Adrianna in the sauna about Annie trash talking them. This is where the first form of discontent materialized for me, because Ade and Naomi should of known to question Emily’s “choice of words,” given how much Annie has been there for them. Thankfully, Silver wasn’t there, which hopefully means she will be the one to see right through Emily’s childish ruse… and proceed to kick her ass.

The Truth Will Set You Free

While most of the girls got their inner most troubling thoughts out in the open during their time in the sauna, there was a wasted opportunity to really deal with the aftermath of Naomi’s recent brush with Cannon. Yes, Naomi got a moment to shine in the heat (literally and figuratively), but Ade’s confession pretty much trumped anything that came afterwards. Plus, Naomi is still claiming that she’s “Okay” and we know that is far from true at the moment. Even though the moment came across as a miss, it could still be a move by the writers to drag this out until Naomi explodes with pent up emotion, but let’s hope it’s before graduation. Everyone wants that to be a happy moment in the veins of the original BH90210 graduation episode “Commencement.”

With Naomi (surprisingly) staying behind to further her spiritual cleansing at the retreat, the opportunity to help get through her rape ordeal is still on the table. But will Naomi sacrifice the personality we have all come to love to achieve such a goal?

Adrianna, What Happened To Thee?

A year ago today, fans were rooting for Adrianna to get her “ish” back together, but now they just want to have either A) a ‘Come t0 Jesus’ talk with her, B) a “Slap Fest” upside her head, or C) a mixture of A and B. I’m leaning toward C.

It was clear from gate that Adrianna would be the person to either least likely get something from the entire trip, because her new addiction of fame can’t be cured by a bad publicity train Lindsay Lohan herself probably couldn’t maneuver out of. What I didn’t expect was what Ade actually took from the retreat, which is past questionable and just downright wrong. As Adrianna spilled her guts about her recent actions being an attempt to fill the void giving away her daughter caused, did anyone else think that a papparazzo was in the sauna with a camera/recorder? It was hinted throughout the episode that these guys were pretty ruthless when they wanted a shot of Ade, so I was expecting someone in the room to be live streaming all of Ade’s secrets to the public sector.

Now that Adrianna has dug another inch past the six feet requirement for her grave by using her baby as a means to regain her spotlight, one has to ask what happened to our Adrianna? And most importantly, is she far past salvageable now?

Nilver Just Get It Over With Already

Silver and Navid are still playing hide go seek behind Ade’s back, but it seems as if they have consummated their relationship in Silver’s (brightly lit) tent, which basically means they need to do us all a favor and come clean. Constantly sneaking behind Ade is not helping matters, especially with all the drama surrounding the girl.

Ade, your boyfriend sleeping with your best friend could’ve been a more sellable story, but nooooo. You had to dip in the Jerry Springer/Lifetime Move Network bowl for a means for redemption. Man, how the mighty has fallen!

You Win Some, You Lose Some

So, Charlie has flown the coup for Paris after finding out Liam and Annie’s feelings toward each other. I hate to see the guy go, especially after Liam finally got some sort of older male figure in his life. With that being said though, Liam seemed pretty content with Annie being his consolation prize. I just wonder how long will it last this time around, especially with Emily plotting up a storm of epic proportions around the corner.

The Journey To Exclusion Begins

Just as it was announced this week that Lori Loughlin and Ryan Egghold were leaving the show at the end of the season, their storyline in this episode seemed as if it was prepping itself for the eventual. Hooking the two remaining adult characters up was a cool idea, but will it end in an actual romance or will the two ride off in opposite directions at the end of the season?

I’ve always wondered about how the character of Ryan Matthews would factor in the cast post graduation, praying he wouldn’t become a professor at Cal U later on down the line. He would’ve been a good fit with the Melrose Place crew, but The Powers That Be had other plans it seems. As for Debbie, I pray she doesn’t go the route of the other adult characters by not appearing throughout Season Four in some capacity. It would be a shame since the Walsh parents didn’t leave until later when the orignal BH 90210 cast found their adult feet in the world. Alas, the show must go on right?

Other than some uneven moments characterwise, 90210 is still maintaining it’s season long high of nonstop greatness. What did you guys think?

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