90210 3.09 “They’re Playing Her Song” Review

Last night’s 90210 was brought to you by the word “forced.” However, despite some “Are you serious?” moments, 90210 still kept up their winning streak of top notch episodes. This season has been so put together for me that all nuisances brought up in an episode are forgiven by the closing credits. To some extent…

Is Navid About To Go For Broke?

So Navid’s father is hauling ass back to Iran and didn’t bother to pack his family with him. When Navid spilled the beans of his father’s shady business deal to his counselor, I knew trouble was brewing for the Shirzi family. With that said, I didn’t know the story line would take a left turn the way it did. So now with the bread maker of the family hightailing it back to their native country, does this mean the Shriazis will have to downsize as well? Now that would be an interesting story line… Things are about to get messy, people. but hey! Navid finally has a story line. So yeah!

Also, it seems that Silver is not letting her friendship with Adrianna stand in her way for being there for Navid. I wonder if the inevitable Nilver hook up will shake the stars out of Ade’s eyes long enough to see she’s about to lose Navid. If they break up this time, I will completely give up on them being a couple ever again.

Teddy’s Comes Clean… To Ian That Is.

So… We found out the real reason Teddy was “kicked” out of his prestigious private school and it wasn’t for being a ladies man bur because he was digging his roommate. Turns out Teddy has been having feelings for the same sex since we actually met him, which means that I was right all along in guessing he was gay from the start. I know some people might call “bull” on this situation, but it kind of makes sense in a way. Kind of. He’s always been somewhat awkward with girls, but not really, if you catch my drift. This new revelation makes me wonder if he even went all the way with most of the girl’s he ended up with or if he was faking the funk. I also wonder how the other guys (namely Dixon and Liam) will take it when Teddy eventually comes out to them. I’m sure one of them will say something completely stupid.

It was nice of Ian to be the catalyst for Teddy to come clean about his time at the private school. I just wish he would do more than come in to save Teddy’s day and start helping the guy sort out his feelings. However, Teddy has to be the first one to make that move and times a ticking, because sweeps are almost over.

Can We Believe Charlie’s Explanation?

After trying to “lock down” Charlie through sex, Annie (and the audience) was finally treated to an explanation of Charlie’s scar. Not that we were just dying to know, but it was heavily insinuated to us that the scar meant trouble, especially with Liam having a similar mark. Charlie’s explanation, which was that his uncle beat the crap out of him, doesn’t hold water for me. It still doesn’t explain why Liam doesn’t want anything to do with him or how Liam received his scar. I wonder if the real reason will be revealed soon and be a doozy. Hopefully, it will be a doozy.

Ryan Matthews and Debbie Wilson = Not Right At All.

I only have three things to say about this scenario, with numero uno being that it’s a bit forced. You know? Like the whole Harry Wilson and Kelly Taylor debacle from last season. Like I said last week, this pairing could somewhat work in keeping Ryan Matthews in the lives of the students past this year, but relationships on 90210 are as stable as a Nickelodeon child star’s career, making it difficult for me to see this union lasting past Christmas.

So what did you guys think? Another solid episode? Was there something you guys want to see so far, but haven’t? Sound off below.

Remember! Next week is another hiatus and a new episode won’t air until November 29th! See you then!

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