90210 2.16 “Clark Raving Mad” Recap

Well a prayer of mine seemed to got answered at the end of this week’s 90210, but there were other interesting things at hand as well and seeds were planted for this last leg of the season. It’s about to get intense, yall…

Naomi Vs. The New Blaze Advisor/ Liam Vs. His Stepfather

Naomi locks horns with the new faculty advisor for the West Beverly Blaze, Mr. Cannon (Hal Oszan) and after she wouldn’t apologize for her outburst on his character, Mr. Cannon kicks her off the staff. Not one to go down without a fight, Naomi tries to rally troops in Adrianna, Silver, and Gia, who all think that Naomi is in the wrong and should apologize. When Naomi isn’t getting the feedback she wants, she decides to pull a lie out of her ass in the form of Mr. Cannon bartering sex with him in exchange for a position back on the Blaze staff. This gets the girls’ attention, but all I can do is shake my damn head. Later, Naomi holds a secret Blaze meeting to discuss strategy to oust Mr. Cannon, but Navid walks in and promises to discuss something with Mr. Cannon.

Meanwhile, Liam takes Annie home one day and comes across his stepfather Jeffrey kissing another woman. When Jeffrey gets home that night, Liam decks the dude and tells his mom what he saw and she flies back into the house, pissed. Liam starts to pack, but when his mom comes to him later, she decides to forgive Jeffrey and start again. Liam is pissed and leaves to go stay with Naomi and the two bond over how their moms are pretty much doormats when it comes to men.

Naomi gets news that she has been let back on the Blaze, but Silver and Adrianna are not ready to let Mr. Cannon slide for ‘his comments’. Liam overhears this and tells Naomi, who completely forgot about the little white lie she told, tries to brush it off. But with Liam, Silver and Adrianna all pissed off, Naomi decides to go with it. Someone is going to be in some serious trouble by the end of the year.

Dixon’s Two Moms

Dixon and Dana are having fun, fun, fun. Debbie, on the other hand, is not. She continues to mope about all the time Dixon has spent with Dana and Harry isn’t helping at all with his nonchalant attitude.

While eating, Dana mentions how she will make a bet on a team and split her winnings with Dixon. The mood is peachy keen until Dana announces that she has to leave so she can return to work. Dixon immediately turns into a bratty nine-year old. Dana tries to eat out with him again, but Dixon doesn’t pick up his phone. So Dana decides to meet him at the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Debbie and Kai have lunch and Debbie lays all her cards on the table when it comes to Dixon and Dana. Kai says some suave words and phrases and gets so bold that he leans in and kisses Debbie!!!! Too bad that their restaurant is across the street where Dana was supposed to meet Dixon, who still doesn’t show. But Dana spotted Debbie and Kai before she drives off.

Dana finds Dixon at home plying video games, which is a clear sign to know that Dixon is upset about something. Dixon admits that he doesn’t want Dana to go and that he wonders why does she always have to leave him, in other words, he’s putting a serious guilt trip on Dana. She promises that she will be in Dixon’s life as much as he wants her there. Dixon calms down.

Later, Dana confronts Debbie about the foolishness with Kai to which Debbie basically responds that it’s family business and that Dana needs to stay out of it. Dana politely counters that Debbie’s family also includes Dixon, which does make it her business. Debbie says she will tell Harry everything, but Dana advises against it saying that it will only plant a seed to fracture the family, and Dixon needs this family. Awwww…

When Dana finally leaves, she gives Dixon a gift: his half of her winnings, which looked to be well over a grand. Dixon’s mouth hits the floor.

Ade and Gia – The Love Story Begins

Adrianna initially avoids Gia after finding out that Gia likes her, but the two finally talk it out and Gia says that she cherishes Adrianna’s friendship more than anything and doesn’t want to ruin that. Adrianna has some apprehension later when she sees how cuddly Navid is with Lila, her new band mate. Lila notices a little animosity, but the girls get through their practice. Later while watching a movie, Adrianna and Gia both make awkward moves and Ade starts to get feelings for Gia. She talks to Silver and Naomi about it and asks if she’s gay if she has feelings for Gia, or is it just her trying to rebound after being dumped by Navid. Silver, who is more help than Naomi, advises that Adrianna follows her heart.

Later on, Gia stops by Ade’s, finding her reading a book on female sexuality. The girls discuss sexuality and what the theories are or what not. Gia gets down to the nitty gritty and wonders where did Ade’s interest come from all of a sudden and Ade reveals her feelings for Gia and how she is confused about everything. Gia offers her a solution: they can kiss and if Ade doesn’t like it then that’s cool and if she does, that’s cool as well. They then engage in the ‘experiment’ and Adrianna likes what she’s feeling to the point that when Gia asks her out, she accepts. They continue to kiss. Awww.

Silver’s Fear is Teddy’s Nightmare.

Silver is still being blown off by Teddy, but after she apologizes profusely, they start dating again. But Teddy is still having skeezers pop up and approaching him. The latest one was an ex girlfriend of Teddy’s who invites Silver and Teddy to a film festival. Silver can’t make it, but Teddy decides to go and asks Silver if it would be alright with her. After having the talk about trust earlier, Silver decides to take a risk by keeping her mouth shut and letting Teddy have his fun.

Later, Silver gets another jolt of fear after she finds out that Teddy didn’t go to the film festival with his ex at all. Silver holds he composure, but it only lasts for so long. She aks Teddy what his deal is and he admits that he shouldn’t have put her in the situations that he did, but that he really likes Silver and doesn’t want to hurt her. The problem is that Teddy feels as by him being the son of mega actor, Spence Montgomery, that he might turn out like his father in the womanizing department. I will accept that as long as they don’t label it as “Teddy Goes To Sex Rehab”, because I will be all kinds of pissed.


Annie is still being stalked by Jasper, but Annie is on her way of mastering the art of ignoring crazy lunatics. Jasper slowly loses his mind, while Annie all of a sudden has gained a new interest in Liam, since she witnessed Liam’s stepdad’s adultery. Later after checking in on Liam, Annie gets a call from Jasper, who says that life sucks for him if he can’t have her and that she won’t have to worry about him anymore. He hangs up and looks as if he is about to leap off a building or something.

Let me push him! It would make my year…

The West Beverly Blaze

– Sayonara, Jasper!!!!

– Naomi has just stepped in some major doo-doo. Wonder will she suffer Annie’s fate this year when said doo-doo hits the fan!

– Kai needs to disappear. And I really loved Dana in her scene with Debbie, even though I was a little dismayed that she told Debbie not to tell Harry about the kiss with Kai. I think the first crack has popped up in the Wilsons’ happy home… Maybe Dana will try to ask for custody of Dixon back if Harry and Debbie go at each other’s throats?

– Ade and Gia will make a nice couple, but I smell something funky and it’s called “doom”.

– I think it’s time that we meet Spence Montgomery, don’t you? Since he might can be the key to Teddy’s past… Can’t wait for Silver to meet him.

I will see you peeps next week! Check out my interview with Trevor Donovan (Teddy) by clicking here!!!

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