90210 3.11 “Holiday Madness” Review

Well, I’ll be damned. Senior year just got seriously interesting.

The last five minutes of tonight’s midseason finale of 90210 exemplified how to leave an audience wanting more by putting all of our teen characters in situations worthy of the Gossip Girl “WTF/OMG” campaign moniker. Those cliffhangers should have fans wagging their tongues in anticipation until when the show returns from hiatus on January 24th, which is a way better date than last year’s ill-advised March holdout for returning shows. Thank God, The CW has learned their lesson from that spaz of judgement.

As for the matter at hand, let’s look at the cliffhangers the 90210 writers left for us to chew on during Christmas break:

1) Mr. Cannon is Back!

As soon as Naomi entered her hotel suite, it was mighty apparent something was a bit amiss for them to linger on her conversation with a voicemail. When the camera panned to reveal Mr. Cannon chilling in the shadows, your boy jumped a bit in shock and glee, because I totally forgot the perverted creep had escaped the clutched of the police. Now that he’s back, will he attack her again? Or go for a more cat and mouse game, which will involve Oscar? It would make sense for Cannon to want to do bad things to both Naomi and Oscar. So with these two slowly merging into a couple of sorts, Cannon can kill two birds with one huge ass stone of vengeance. While Cannon might not have it so easy this time around with the Feds still looking for him, Naomi is still in more danger than she was before. The sad part about this new development is having Naomi finally getting back to her life as a normal, teenage girl to only have to go through a second leg of hell with Cannon.

Also, this gives Blair Redford’s Oscar more reason to stick around, especially since his initial purpose has ran its course. But will he wish that he had of left when/if Cannon gets a hold to him? Protecting Naomi could come with a price, you know…

2) Dixon Spotted Teddy and Ian Kissing!

With Teddy finally accepting who he is, it was inevitable for his secret to be publicized in some way or fashion, but not this soon. Plus, the writer’s picked the perfect person to uphold the burden of knowing Teddy’s secret in Dixon, who a) doesn’t have much to chew on character-wise now and b) can either take the bull-headed bigoted approach with this info or be the friend Teddy needs. It’s hard to say good ole Dixon will be nobel in this equation given his track record, but stranger things have happened.

As for the coupling itself, Teddy seems to genuinely like Ian and is willing to take baby steps into coming out to the public. I’m also glad Ian finally understood Teddy’s position and eventually agreed to help, not force, the guy in this trying endeavor. Now if this relationship can stick in a positive, non-self destructive manner then we might have a multiple win here.

3) Annie Slept With Liam!

Initially this jawdropper was going to be tagged for the “Out of Left Field” sticker, but additional analysis has brought to light how much potential this story line has in the future. While Liam’s heartache for Annie didn’t cross my eyes too much, his declaration of not being able to see her with Charlie (Evan Ross) is plausible. On the other hand, it’s a bit of a stretch for Annie to just lunge herself back into Liam’s arms and, eventually, the sack as well. Knowing that bad blood exists between Charlie and Liam, Annie is pretty much treading on ice with a can of gasoline and a book of matches. A messy situation, with a hopefully explosive ending.

4) Adrianna Gets Humbled While Navid and Silver Finally Hook Up!

After dealing with the creature known as Adrianna last night, I’m sure everyone wanted to push the girl over that balcony she managed to call home. Seriously, I thought we would have a ‘Who Pushed Adrianna?’ situation on our hands. Seeing Victor go from sleazy to buffoonish to a slight hero has been a bizarre sight, but the man slew the dragon in Adrianna, who was left looking like a bigger fool than she did at the start of the episode. Now that her secret is out, what is Ade’s next move? Suggestion? Get rid of that house. Immediately.

While Ade was OD’ing on her new drug called “Fame Whore”, her doting boyfriend and best friend were consoling each other from her outlandish attacks to humanity. Having Navid and Silver finally lock lips at Adrianna’s house party is nothing but a precursor to what’s to come. Now that they are ‘together’, how long will it take for Ade to find out and will the damage send her running back to narcotics for comfort?

Meanwhile in the Sullivan household, Ivy reconciled with Laurel (Kelly Lynch) after an foolhardy decision to reconnect with her father, who turned out to only want Ivy to convince Laurel to pay for Ivy’s college tuition in full so he wouldn’t have to. He buttered Ivy up like a Thanksgiving turkey to intentionally drop it on the floor and feed it to the dogs afterwards. Having a cry fest with Laurel to get over Oscar-gate, Ivy came out of this episode with a clean slate for the new year. Kudos to her for not being for the drama, but we would rather Ivy take a ride on the dramatic wave a bit more. Just a bit.

So what did you guys think? Has 90210 consistently delivered this year? Will you be able to hold out on the Jan 24th return date? Speak below and in our forums!!!

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