90210 2×03 “Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat” Recap

This week on 90210: Dixon grated my nerves, Annie grew a pair, and Kelly Taylor is counseling Harry Wilson on matters of the heart… behind Debbie’s back.


We started off with Dixon being grilled by Harry for slugging Mark, the guy who took the sext of Annie floating around the school. After Dixon left the office, Silver approached him with a post break up box of his belongings. What could have been a friendly civil convo turned ugly when Dixon decides to tell Silver that he never was himself with her. If that’s the case then I wonder who the real Dixon is, because his character pre-Sliver has been pretty consistent. After whining to Navid about wanting a “female Dixon” (yea I cringed, as well), Dixon got his wish after meeting a girl at a pizza parlor named Sasha (guest star Mekia Fox). She is a part-time DJ, loves sports, and twenty-five years old. Insert the Pacey Witter/Mrs. Robinson jokes here… Instead of backing off, Dixon tried to keep up appearances which involved a bevy amount of lying such as Navid’s Lamborghini being his, that he is a record exec and Navid is his assistant. All of these lies surfaced mostly during Teddy’s yacht party that Sasha just so happened to be DJing for. After dodging a “Silver” bullet (Silver meets Sasha and doesn’t blow Dixon’s cover out of love for him), Dixon was on Cloud Nine. Quite impressed, Sasha decides to take Dixon (and Navid’s car) for a test drive in Napa. Wonder how long it will be before Sasha smells the crap that is Dixon’s adolescence?


After being welcomed by the word “slut” scrawled on her locker door and taunts, Annie has had enough. She called Naomi out in front of Adrianna and Silver about their private convo of not sending the sext. But after Naomi snapped her fingers, the two soldiers walked away. Now, it’s war. Annie then recruited Mark, who said that her request will have a price. On Teddy’s yacht, Annie had Mark tell Silver the truth. Infuriated with both Annie and Naomi, Silver walked off. But Annie wasn’t done yet. She berated Liam into agreeing to confront Naomi with the truth, but Annie blindsides both Naomi and Liam when she declared that she and Liam did have sex and that it was an ongoing affair and that it’s funny how everyone who loved Naomi ended up with Annie, throwing Ethan in for good measure. Naomi’s crushed face would make not only Brenda Walsh proud, but Amanda Woodward as well. Later, Mark reminded her of the deal they had. What that was? We don’t know. Hmmm…


While Silver did a lot of improving in the Dixon department, she pretty much served as witness to the War of the Mean Girls. After having a silly heart to heart with Naomi over how much Annie deserved the sext after being so cruel to her on the yacht (yep, you read that right), Silver showed Naomi the tattoo that she is having removed. Naomi hates Annie and Silver was crushed by Dixon. Those damn Wilson kids!!!!

The Triangle That is Navid, Adrianna, and Teddy

Navid apologized (in a clever way with video) to Adrianna and decided to make a go at giving Teddy a shot, even if he still didn’t care for the guy, especially after Teddy invites him to the yacht party. Once there, Golden Boy Teddy came to Navid’s aide after Navid got seasick. But Navid thought it was a ploy to make Teddy look good again. This is where Teddy tells Navid that he can’t be a bad person since he lied for his roommate at Exeter, who was on scholarship, by taking the fall with the two girls. Which doesn’t make sense in way. Either they found you in bed with the girls, Teddy, or they didn’t. But Navid bought it. Too bad though, because Teddy tried to make a move on Adrianna the first chance he got. Now Adrianna is feeling some type of funky about Teddy, while Navid practically wants to give the man one of his kidneys.

The Impending Triangle That is Debbie, Harry, and Kelly

The return of Kelly Taylor was lackluster, because she now has to be paired with the Wilson parents. And how do they pull it off? Good old-fashioned, All-American adultery. Well, rather the seeds for one. Harry hastily grounded Annie for snapping at Debbie, who hates that Harry won’t let her discipline the kids her way. Harry declared that she might want to be a parent for once instead of one their friends. That’s slap inducing in my house, yall. So Harry parlayed the issue to Kelly and she in turn told Harry the exact same thing Debbie told him. But I guess Kelly got better semantics going than Debbie, who didn’t take kindly to being upstaged by another woman. Later, Harry IM’ed Kelly for a coffee date. Um…


After being sucker punched by Annie’s Parade, Liam retreats back to a garage/workroom where he seemed like he is about to either build something in honor of Naomi or a Hydrogen Bomb. Either way Liam needs to stay away from tools when he’s angry if he’s going to look and act the way he did.


She got her face shoved in the sand like she should have. Oh and that was pretty much her role this week.

Ok! So what did you guys think? I loved every minute except the ones featuring the Wilson men, because they were acting like prepubescent snots that need a good knock to the head. Oh and I pray that some loser out there in some high school doesn’t think that scrawling “slut” on someone’s locker will get them popularity points, because 1)it will get you a well deserved beatdown and 2) its dated in the age of Cyberbullying. Were we that dumb and stupid in high school?

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