90210 2.14 “Girl Fight” Recap

Jasper still isn’t dead, which makes me still annoyed. Dixon gets what was coming to him, but gets an even better storyline in return and that girl fight thing? Laughable.

Dixon’s Redemption/Silver’s Decision

After dreaming that things would become hunkey dory with Silver, Dixon gets his dream bubble popped in real life as Silver admits that she really wants to be friends, because she doesn’t feel the same way she used to for him. Yeah, Dixon, that tends to happen when you ignore your ex and send her through the ringer. But Dixon accepts this cause he still thinks he has a chance and plays the dreaded “friend” role, which doesn’t go well after Silver finds out that Dixon lied about Teddy’s sister. She blows up on him and this makes Dixon feel pretty low. So he goes and apologizes to Teddy and let’s Teddy get a free shot. Teddy forgives him and takes the shot and the two friends are even, but I don’t see how in the hell Dixon didn’t hurl after that gutbuster Teddy landed. Oh well…

Teddy runs to Silver to claim her as his prize but she ball busts him by calling him out on how fast he moved to the next girl after Dixon played him. Teddy is lost for words, but Silver eventually comes to her senses in the end and tells him that she doesn’t want to want to like him and that he better not break her heart.

Meanwhile, Dixon seemingly contacted his birth mother, who didn’t email him back. During all the hoopla with Silver, Dixon didn’t let it get to him, but he gets his reward for good behavior as his mom appears on the doorstep, all smiles. Dixon is too. But Debbie? Nah uh.

You Got A Friend In Me, Ade!

Adrianna is freaking out about Navid’s faux drug bust, but she can’t reach him. She tries the Blaze office but finds Gia instead. The two talk about their exes and how bad the other has dealt with each respective relationship. The two girl’s friendship continues to bud and Gia’s ex notices and doesn’t like it one bit. So she asks for a second chance with Gia, but where does Gia end up? At Adrianna’s house and the two pig out and watch Love Story. And Gia is where she wants to be. But does Adrianna know?


Silver, Naomi, and Adrianna approach Annie, who is equally glad to see them, but this joyous meeting is interrupted by the Prince of Darkness himself and I can’t help but to want to take an axe to this freaks head. He tries to comfort Annie, but she is not feeling like being bothered with…him. So Jasper thinks that it would be best if they went back to the way they were and by doing that she should stop by his house tonight. Of course, Annie doesn’t want to do this so Jasper holds the murder over her head and she relents.

When she gets there Jasper tries to force her into having sex with the jail being the alternative. Annie, who’s equally disgusted as I am, has had enough. She says that if she has to have sex with him then she would rather do jail time. OMG, is Annie using her brain?!? I might cry! Jasper lets Annie go after she says he has nothing on her concrete , but the next day he comes up with photos of Annie’s bumper and Annie has had enough. She is ready to confess to get away from this impish leech and I am happy as hell. Jasper on the other hand? He looks like a puppy who just got his nose popped with a rolled up newspaper. Annie continues by saying that even if Jasper did send her up then how the hell could he be with her like he thinks they should? That is a damn good question. Annie has been given MVP of the night.

But with this girl, bad luck tends to follow this year. As she struggles to write her letter of confession to her parents, Jasper appears like a dorky ass Barnabas Collins. It was truly frightening. He enters her window, crying that she wins and rescinds holding the accident over her, but he asks for her to come back to him. Annie is in tears of joy and I feel like I have entered an old Hammer horror film, but the auto save function on Annie’s laptop brought me back to the 21st century and the realization that this is far from over. Annie ‘deletes’ the letter with a sigh of relief.

Then folks we finally get all four girls hanging out and laughing opposed to them being at each other throats. It is a joyous moment that is tarnished when we see Jasper stalking Annie like rejected Where’s Waldo character.

Ryan Matthews… Why?

Ryan Matthews makes an impromptu return to the show as he asks Naomi how she is doing since Jen’s duplicity came to light. The question is really how is he doing, cause he looks like crap and that style has never been in season. When he tries to return some of Jen’s things, Naomi goes on a tangent and lets slip that Jen only dated him because she wanted the rich guys she was bedding to think that she wasn’t after their money. Damn, Ryan Matthews, you were a piece of jewelry!

Ryan drains his sorrows in a glass of whiskey at the bar, grading papers. Yeah, those test scores from Mr. Matthews class deserves that second glance, students of West Bev. A lovely lady watches Ryan Matthews in amusement before deciding to play with her prey for a minute. The lady is Laurel (special guest star Kelly Lynch) and she has a thing for rockers, especially Mick Jagger. To make a long story short, the two make out in Laurel’s car and she seemed to be the aggressive one.

That’s all for Ryan Matthews… which is why I asked “Why?!”

Naomi vs. Ivy! Place Your Bets!!!

Naomi is fed up with the awkwardness between her and Liam, so when she notices how loose and active he is around Ivy, Naomi comes up with an idea that no clear conscious female would ever come up with if they really wanted to keep their man. Naomi enlists Ivy in helping her get Liam to loosen up. Ivy accepts, but we all know that this is the ammo she needed to finish Laomi. The threesome settle on a hike as the best activity to start with, but while Liam and Ivy are deft in the wilderness, Naomi is a fish out of water and Ivy uses it to her advantage. While Liam isn’t looking, Naomi calls Ivy out on her crap. At first Ivy doesn’t admit it, but when Naomi calls her a coward, the claws come out, words are had, and declarations are made. Round One is a tie!

Naomi decides to visit Liam during surf practice in nothing but a skimpy bikini. She calls to Liam and throw barbs with Ivy. After practice, the bitter rivals go at it and are soon literally at each other’s throat, clawing and rolling in the sand. It takes Liam and the surf coach to break them up, but Naomi flips out on Liam, blaming all this on the two of them being too polite to each other, which is geting dull. Naomi tells Liam that she will be her and that if Liam doesn’t like it then he can go to hell.

Later at the Beach Club Cabana, Liam visits Naomi and explains that the Naomi he fell in love with, the ballsy, carefree girl who spoke her mind, made a return on the beach earlier that day and he couldn’t be more happier. The two then get down to business and all is well in that kingdom.

Meanwhile on the beach, Ivy and her mother LAUREL(!) discuss how Ivy was wronged in the Battle of Liam, but at least she fought, while Laurel laments on Jagger picking Jerry Hall over her. How sad, yet eerily sweet.

The West Beverly Blaze

– I’m serious. If Jasper is not dead by years end then I’m sending in my script that will finish the job.

– Cannot wait to see the Dixon story line featuring his mother. Think Debbie can hang?

-VERY good to see Annie hanging out with the girls finally! Can’t wait to see more of that either.

– A big improvement from last week, but equally as entertaining. See ya next week!!!

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