5 of the Most Entertaining Cooking Shows


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Cooking shows, be it baking or otherwise, have been popular viewing for a while now, and this has given rise to more and more shows and channels that have come into being and either thrived or been allowed to die off after a while. Some of them have been wildly popular, and others have been moderate in their success, but nearly all of them have been memorable to someone. The most interesting among them, however, are those that act like reality TV at times, though some that focus more on cooking are still among the most popular since they end up inspiring people and giving them ideas of what they might want to do in their own kitchens. The reality of some shows is kind of questionable since it’s easy to doubt that people would treat each other this way in such a profession, but the truth is that a kitchen is a highly competitive area that doesn’t always create as much teamwork as one might desire. So, in all honesty, some of the more risky shows aren’t entirely false, but they do operate off a script now and then just to make things interesting. 

Here are five of the best cooking shows that have been embraced by fans. 

5. Iron Chef: America

credit: Iron Chef: America

The fact that this show has been around for a while helps out a lot since it used to be one of the gold standards of cooking shows, given that it focused heavily on the cooking and not as much on the showmanship. There were plenty of Iron Chefs that came through Kitchen Stadium years ago, and the show has been given a reboot that will hopefully be widely accepted by people, much as it was years before. Using a secret ingredient that’s meant to be highlighted in each dish, the Iron Chefs are challenged by other chefs that come to the show with the hope of besting the professional chefs in order to gain prestige and glory. It’s fun to watch, at the very least. 

4. Cutthroat Kitchen

credit: Cutthroat Kitchen

The name of this show is pretty accurate, as a metaphor at least. The four chefs that are brought to compete start off as normal, but as the show goes on, the host brings out one handicap after another to be used against one or more of the chefs. The competitors each start with a certain amount of cash, and they must use this to buy the handicaps that they’ll saddle their fellow chefs with, thereby hampering the competition as they’re forced to prep and cook under conditions that would normally be kind of comical and ridiculous. But while this show doesn’t appear entirely fair at times, it is kind of hilarious. 

3. Binging with Babish

credit: Binging with Babish

While Babish is the type of show that still shows people various dishes that are appetizing and not impossible to make, the show does focus quite a bit on showcasing meals from other TV shows and movies that are interesting and unique. There’s been an episode in which the host recreated a crayon sandwich from The Simpsons, which obviously wasn’t for consumption but was interesting all the same. Other delicacies that have been thrust into the spotlight have come from shows such as Family Guy, Bobs Burgers, and movies such as The Breakfast Club and many others that people can easily recognize. 

2. Chopped

credit: Chopped

Chopped is a lot of fun since the mystery baskets make the chefs think quickly, and it pays to get creative, so long as the meal looks okay and is actually able to be consumed by the judges. The Chopped kitchen has been utilized by celebrity chefs and Iron Chefs as well over the years, but watching those who have belonged to one kitchen or another go at it while trying to make their best dishes is highly entertaining since one has to wonder how they’ll use some of the ingredients. Everything from candy to breakfast cereal to meats that many people might never see in their lifetime has been used, and it’s almost always a great challenge to watch. 

1. Hell’s Kitchen

credit: Hell’s Kitchen

This show is the definition of brutal since Gordon Ramsay is not the kind of guy that anyone should want to trifle with, as he’s bound to explode at someone if they don’t do as they’re asked or do something right that they should have known how to do before stepping into the kitchen. Ramsay has lost his cool with a lot of chefs over the years, but only the most insane episodes have made their way, as clips, onto YouTube. At the moment, this show is being featured on streaming networks, and it’s worth watching at least once just to get an idea of what it’s all about. 

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