5 Heroes that Started as Villains

5 Heroes that Started as Villains
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It’s easy to forget after a while that some characters weren’t always the heroes or even the anti-heroes that we know them as today, especially since as they’ve moved from the page to the big or small screen, they’ve changed a bit. A few of them are easy to see as villains since they might not have changed that much, but those who turned over a new leaf managed to create a new life that a lot of fans have embraced over the years and many have preferred.

It’s not difficult to think that they might go back to their villainous roots at any given time if pushed hard enough, but in a lot of cases, it’s likely that a heel turn of such magnitude might be a seriously negative look that these characters no longer need. The line between good and evil isn’t a constant that stands between the two main ideas, as there are times when the line is quite thin and when it’s exceedingly thick and nearly impenetrable. But one thing that’s clear is that some villains can do a lot of good when they’re given a chance. 

Here are five heroes that started off as villains.  

5. Venom

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For a while, Venom was one of Spider-Man’s worst villains since he knew the hero like no one else could. Once Spider-Man learned Venom’s weaknesses, however, it wasn’t quite as hard to tackle this opponent. Over the years, Eddie Brock and Venom started to change bit by bit until he was no longer just a villain.

Seeing Venom act the part of the hero has been kind of odd since it started in the comics, but seeing him do it on the big screen was even stranger, even though it was to be expected. The fact is that Venom looks absolutely evil and doesn’t strike a lot of people as the typical superhero type, but on the other hand, he has a lot going for him that makes for a great character. 

4. Hawkeye

Hawkeye Trailer, Plot, Cast, Spoilers, Release Date - Everything We Know  After 'Black Widow'

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Considering how long Hawkeye has been an Avenger and a hero, it’s very easy to forget that he was ever a villain. But when he was still hanging around with the Swordsman, he wasn’t exactly a great person to be around. Since that time he’s been reformed and has been a part of earth’s mightiest heroes for decades in the comics, but the closest he’s been to acting as a heel in the MCU has been as Ronin in Endgame, and even then he might have gone off the rails, but it doesn’t feel as though he was a full-fledged villain. If anything, Hawkeye is the type of character that will step away from the hero role but still prey upon the villains. 

3. Deadpool

Deadpool 4 Has Already Got A Thumbs Up From Marvel Despite The Threequel  Being Two Years Away?

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This is another character that’s not hard to figure out when it came to understanding that he was not a good person. Many would admit that he’s still not a good person, but somehow he still has good motives. He’s become an anti-hero over the years since, whether one wants to admit it or not, he’s no longer a villain and is someone that has a huge heart, even though he’s been written into a story where he kills the entire Marvel Universe. The thing about Deadpool is that he’s a walking, talking (always talking) double-edged sword that cuts every way he can since his motives are usually bound to be misunderstood by everyone but him. 

2. Rogue

10+ 4K Rogue (Marvel Comics) Wallpapers | Background Images

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Rogue was initially a villain and gained her powers from Captain Marvel after holding on for too long. But she was also turned back into a villain during the Ultimate X-Men run as she was one of those who was used as a means of capturing and containing other mutants and wasn’t a strict villain despite her attitude toward those who were like her. One could say that Rogue is a born survivor since, like a lot of mutants, she hasn’t had much of a choice most times. But joining with the X-Men after a while and finding solace in their company and love in the arms of Gambit at one point eventually turned her into a very likable character. 

1. Emma Frost

The History of Emma Frost and How She Became An Influential X-Man

credit: Marvel Comics

There are not a lot of ways to say that Emma Frost is kind of an uncertain hero since, to be fair, she’s been a rather nasty piece of work for a lot of years, considering her attitude and her abilities have gone hand in hand to make her one of the most dangerous enemies the X-Men have ever had. Combined with her mental capabilities and the diamond-hard skin that she can use to the best of her ability, Emma is one of many individuals who is hard to figure out sometimes since she’s part of the X-Men now and has been for a while, but she’s still not an easy person to get along with. 

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