5 Best Cigar Scenes in Movies

5 Best Cigar Scenes in Movies
Watchmen\\\'s Comedian: A Real Scream | 25YL Analysis

credit: Watchmen

Some people like cigars. Others think they stink and are kind of nasty. But in the movies, cigars are often used as a prop that can affect and possibly enhance the appearance and overall appearance and attitude of those who smoke them. It’s not that big of a thing, cigars are, after all, just another part of a movie, but there is something about a person smoking a cigar that appeals to some folks and makes that character look a bit dangerous or even more manly to others.

It’s not a universal thing by any means, but for one reason or another, cigars do come off as a masculine habit that women don’t appear to be into as much. There’s nothing sexist about it, really, but it does create an image that doesn’t appear to work as well with women unless one decides to take a look at adult films, which is quite a bit different. In the movies, cigars are a great way to show off a tough character or identify someone as a certain type of character. 

Here are five of the best cigar scenes in movies. 

5. Scarface

Why "Scarface" is f-ing great | Salon.com

credit: Scarface

There are no two ways about it. Tony Montana is not a good guy. From the moment he’s introduced, he looks like trouble, not to mention that his attitude paints him as a guy that’s not bound to be good if he’s given any type of authority over anyone. Once he does start to earn money, it becomes clear that he’s not going to be the type of person that is going to be responsible or humble since, after taking over Frank Lopez’s business, Tony becomes a monster that doesn’t know when to stop. This one scene that shows Tony in his bathtub, which is located in the middle of his bedroom, no less smoking a cigar and watching TV, is enough to make the point that he’s what a lot of people would call an OG. 

4. Hellboy

Manning lighting Hellboy's Cigar - Album on Imgur

credit: Hellboy

It’s easy to state that Hellboy and Manning don’t get along that well since Manning is all about keeping Hellboy a secret, and that’s not exactly what Hellboy is all about. But there is a bonding moment between the two of them that occurs when they take off after Rasputin and end up fighting and defeating his enforcer. While they manage to take the guy down, the lighting of his cigar with a wooden match becomes a moment between the two that is kind of nice since it indicates that there’s a bit of respect that’s been earned even if they’re not bound to like each other any more than usual. Hey, Hellboy isn’t the easiest guy to get along with, but then again, Manning is more of a bureaucrat. 

3. Predator

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch in #Predator (1987). | Arnold  schwarzenegger, Predator, Schwarzenegger

credit: Predator

Cigars are great when it comes time for a cool shot that can act as a flex or an introduction that people might laugh at or enjoy, or both. Dutch comes off as the kind of guy that’s relaxed but still capable of being absolutely intense since he’s the alpha of the group and the type of leader that is bound to know everything about his group and know how to be the type of guy that will ride or die for his crew. All that can be seen in this one image since Dutch is the type of guy that you can’t help but think is capable of sitting back and having a cold one with the guys or unleashing hell on his enemies. 

2. Independence Day

Independence Day: 7 Thoughts I Had After Rewatching The 1996 Movie |  Cinemablend

credit: Independence Day

In a moment such as this, when the proverbial fat lady is about to sing, it makes sense to light up a stogie and enjoy the last few moments you might have to live. Granted, the ship was released, and they made their escape and survived by the end of the movie, but David and Steven didn’t know that at the time and were intent on showing the aliens that they weren’t going down quietly. Like it or not, a cigar is a great way to give the middle finger to fate and to those that might threaten the life that we hold dear. It’s a little melodramatic, to be certain, but the cigars in this scene were meaningful since Steven had planned to smoke one with his best friend before he was killed, but it was just as good to light up when he and David were intent on going out with a bang. 

1. Watchmen

WATCHMEN (2009) | OnStreaming

credit: Watchmen

The Comedian was, without any doubt, one of the most brutal members of the Watchmen, and this scene kind of shows how that claim is easy to make. The guy is lighting a cigar with a flamethrower. If that’s not a badass move, then it’s hard to say what is. Some would call this guy toxic, and they’d be right, of course, but something about the Comedian still makes a lot of people smirk and puff out their chest a bit. 

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