Whatever Happened to Phaedra Parks after Getting Fired?

Whatever Happened to Phaedra Parks after Getting Fired?

It’s hard to tell if Phaedra Parks was fired or if she walked away from Real Housewives of Atlanta since both sides of the issue would want to save face by saying whatever benefited them. But the fact is, according to Leila Kozma of Distractify, that Phaedra crossed a very serious line while on the show by stating that one of the couples on the show had tried to take advantage of her in some way. Obviously the denials started flying right along with the drama, and eventually Phaedra left, or was fired depending on who you ask, and people have been wondering whether she’ll come back or not ever since. Excuse me while I rub my temples and roll my eyes for a moment before getting into what she’s been doing since, but the drama of any Real Housewives show is like a thunderstorm, you can hear it coming a mile off and yet you’re still not ready for it when the cacophony hits.

Since leaving she’s been running her law practice, still, despite the attempts to report and possibly discredit her and maybe even get her disbarred. Considering the allegations she made it’s kind of hard to think that she didn’t have to do a great deal of damage control to keep her firm and make certain that her reputation could survive. Of course upon seeing that she was part of a reality show and that much of the program is likely scripted and built up just for show might have helped since otherwise there’s good reason to believe that falsely accusing anyone of something that could be seen as a crime is a risky offense. Phaedra has also managed to open her own line of beauty products since then and by all reports has been doing well. So despite any naysaying that might have indicated that she’s in any on the rocks with her legal practice, Phaedra is actually doing just fine and has been thriving since leaving the show which seems to indicate that one, the show is almost entirely fake, not just partially, or two, she was doing some major backpedaling in order to make sure that her claims wouldn’t cause any massive damage to her reputation. It could have been both to be sure, but from a realistic standpoint it seems like the first point would be more like it.

This is most definitely one of the many shows when I step back and say ‘to each their own’ since from a person a standpoint RHOA is yet another example of how reality TV has gone way, WAY down in standards. At some point it’s almost too easy to feel sorry for those that think that this type of television programming is actually real and that people aren’t being given a script to go by and aren’t being prompted to incite even more drama. In a way, Jerry Springer was far more real than many of these shows will ever be, and that show was absolutely ridiculous from the get. Given how fiercely most people with law firms and practices guard their reputation it would seem that for Phaedra to even think of making the type of accusations that she did would be beyond irresponsible, they’d be enough to send her into hiding for some time to come. But the easy bounce back that she experienced and the lack of any serious harm to her firm makes it clear that RHOA is yet another drama meant to psych people up and make them think that the drama on the screen is as authentic as it can be. As Kourtnee Jackson of the CheatSheet has indicated, people are still hot for Phaedra, no matter that her actions seemed a bit hard to stomach.

Does anyone remember the moment that reality TV started to decline? It was about five minutes after it had started and those that can still reason their way through each show came to realize that very people act in their normal manner when they know they’re being watched. There’s a reason that there’s so much drama to these shows, and a big part of it is that the more drama there is, the better the ratings will be. Viewers feed on this kind of stuff and the execs know it. Phaedra is just one of many that has likely been told to ramp up the drama and make every situation seem harder than it is. Coti Howell of Nikki Swift has a few reasons you might want to look at to explain the ‘authenticity’ or lack thereof to the show since quite honestly if you can’t see it by now then you might need a guiding hand. So all in all Phaedra is doing fine, but whether she’ll come back is up in the air at this point.

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