The Five Worst Comic Book Movie Villains Ever

The Five Worst Comic Book Movie Villains Ever

The Five Worst Comic Book Movie Villains Ever

There are a lot of comic book villains who have made their way into the movies. Some of them are big, some are small and a few of them actually have a good side, but the ones that seem to get the most attention are the truly evil, nasty, mean and the bad. When we say bad, it also includes some of the worst acting jobs possible. It can ruin an otherwise good film. It’s true that the more popular films have the most horrible villains and we’re always happy to see them lose against the good guys, but it needs to be a competition. We’ve put together a collection of five of the worst comic book movie villains for your entertainment.

1. Venom

Venom is the supervillain from the 2002 “Spider-Man.” Topher Grace is the actor who played the huge muscular beast. He fell a little short on the musculature, even though he worked out in preparation for the role. What should have been an exciting figure of a monster, turned out to be less than what viewers expected. This was not the Venom from the comic books and it didn’t do the film a lot of good as far as ratings were concerned. He turned out to be really “bad” in this movie.

2. Freeze

Arnold Schwarzenegger played the role of Freeze in the film “Batman and Robin,” but the performance was less than stellar. This was a terrible mismatch from the beginning. Could it be the polar bear slippers he wore, or the Austrian accent so thickly attempting to dole out menacing threats? Perhaps it was a combination of things that just didn’t work. Arnold is great and most of us love him dearly, but the long string of puns and other attempts at badness fell flat as though the character would have been better placed in a parody of the film.

3. Malekith

The supervillain Malekith was played by actor Christopher Eccleston in the film “Thor: The Dark World” and it is agreeably one of the worst supervillain performances we’ve seen. We known from the Marvel comics that this character is a serious threat and foe of Asgard. The dude is ugly as sin, which Eccleston pulled off with the help of theatrical makeup, but in this film, there wasn’t much substance assigned to the character. Eccleston did all that he could do with the material he was given to work with. We look towards the writers for the terrible rendition of the character. There was nothing to the evil supervillain in this film and it’s a shame because there were a few great directions they could have taken him.

4. Hector Hammond

Peter Sarsgaard accepted the role of tis supervillain in “Green Lantern.” The makeup job on him was nothing short of spectacular. He looked the part and this was aesthetically pleasing for the audience. Sarsgaard was spectacular with his ranting and raving, but he didn’t really come across as threatening as much as just something horrible to look at. His character seemed to be an effort to gross people out more than to provide some legitimate action scenes where Green Lantern was at a significant risk of failure. We like the intense scenes where it looks like the bad guy could possibly win. It makes it better when the hero mows him down, but this didn’t happen here.

5.The Octopus

Samuel L. Jackson took on the role of the Octopus in “The Spirit,” apparently not realizing what it truly means to be a supervillain. As an actor, we make no bones about the fact that he’s one of the greatest, but The Octopus missed the mark for making the movie exciting. The Dental chair scene that shows the Octopus confronting him dressed as a Nazi, and going on a crazy rant about architecture, death and sex, served no practical purpose. Nobody really believes that Jackson was alright with the scene. It took away from the value of the film rather than added to it.

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