20 Most Interesting Moments from The League Season 3

20 Most Interesting Moments from The League Season 3

the league season 3 interesting moments

The League is a raunchy and vulgar comedy from FX about a group of longtime friends that are in a longstanding fantasy football league and their surrounding antics. The show had somewhat of a cult following when it was on television which should come to no surprise as the show is filled with an incredible amount of inside jokes. Watching the show made you feel like you had a secret group of friends that were all just ass twisted as you were, but overly excessive with fantasy football. Season 1 of The League brought us close to the original, leading cast and then season 2 brought us some more characters and additional stories. Season 3 gets more comfortable with what the previous seasons have set up and the humor flows so much more at this point in The League. Below, we’ve gone over the most interesting moments from season 3 of The League and how it compares to previous moment from the show.

20. Ruxin’s Au Pair

When Ruxin decided he wanted to get an au pair, of course the entire group had to get involved but some get much more involved than others. From Pete dating her to an awkward sexual interaction that added Rafi to the group that eventually evolved into entirely Rafi’s relationship, everyone has been involved since she enter Ruxin’s house. Overall, this ended when Rafi ended up being a dictator towards the Au Pair, played by Brie Larson, in order to get her out of his house. While every scene with Rafi is unbearable for whoever is sharing the moment with him, this is certainly closer than Pete ever wanted to get.

19. Thanksgiving Sorbet

One of several extremely interesting moments from season 3 of “The League” was during Thanksgiving, both involving Andre’s sister but this scene specifically, as she acts quite sexual, she also eats sexually. This was a combination of awkward and interesting for the table guests as most of them were thrown off by several events throughout the night. When she demonstrated how she could eat sorbet, everyone but especially Ruxin’s father, was more than interested in the situation. Later in the episode we see an even more interesting moment featuring Ruxin’s father and Andre’s sister, player by Sarah Silverman.

18. Pete and Kevin During Krav Maga Class

Earlier in the episode that the interesting scene below from season 3 of “The League” is from Kevin complains to Pete about several things with his Krav Maga instructor, including how she may be into him. Pete and especially Jenny joke about the situation but when Pete himself tries to make it so the instructor flirts with him, that doesn’t happen in anyway. As the interaction continues, Pete eventually gets his ass kicked and shown not to take that sort of direction towards the teacher. The Krav Maga teacher was played by actress Eliza Dushku who could be recognized from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

17. Kevin Learns To Lie

This interesting moment from season 3 of “The League” Kevin realized, with Jenny’s help, that he was not only an awful liar but also a very obvious one as well. Jenny pointed out to Kevin that when he lies he exclaims after that in such a way with a response that is out of character enough for Kevin that it’s obvious. Upon coning to this conclusion, Kevin decided to enlist Ruxin to help him understand lying and how to do it properly and the best. This moment feels very similar to teaching Andre to be an expert witness in court but with Kevin’s notable features that he’s lying, it makes this moment much funnier.

16. Experience Andre

The episode that this moment is featured in is the very beginning of the episode and while its strange it isn’t surprising for Andre as he reaches very far and wide with his tactics of finding love. Of course this is called Experience Andre because the way Andre has always thought of himself wasn’t too pushy but he was filled with confidence. Normally you’d think that Andre being one of the top plastic surgeons in Chicago would be enough but with his looks and fashion problems, it was no surprise. Throughout the show, Andre’s love life drifts in and out as one of the main focuses of the show but this is one of the funnier moments.

15. 8 Way Trade

“The League” was full of moments with them doing awful trades with each other and tricking each other in various other ways to get the lineups that they want. However at some point everyone is at such an awful point with their lineups in season 3 that at The Sukkah, Pete proposes an 8 way trade between everyone at the party and the out of towners. With this trade everyone would be slightly more satisfied as they’d have if not a better lineup, but an entirely refreshed lineup.

14. Crawdad Man

One of the more interesting moments, and one that questioned if it was a moment of improv as well, was when everyone was telling Jenny about weird personalities that the guys created when they were younger to mess with each other. While Pete’s was created specifically to antagonize Kevin as Bobbum Man with his “equipmunk”. Then we were introduced to Andre’s character from the era that he called Crawdad Man and as expected it was an awful as most things Andre does.

13. Carmenjello

Like always with “The League”, as already demonstrated on this season 3 interesting moments ranked list, Andre gets himself involved in ridiculous situations which never helped with the jokes everyone makes to his face. In this particular moment, Andre is carrying a nude picture of Ruxin’s wife Sophia in order to get something made for her for from Andre. However, he visited a high school and apparently dropped the picture and a janitor that he had an earlier altercation with to wax the photo to the floor.

12. Ruxin Drafts 5th

One of the most important moments and also one of the most interesting from season 3 of “The League” is when everyone picks their draft order this season without Ruxin. This set forward a rage inside of Ruxin and the more collusion accusations than we’ve previously seen. The entire season Ruxin accuses them all of cheating due to this and that’s fair as they originally picked Ruxin first.

11. Sat in Gum

One of the out of towners that is mentioned throughout the show, in season 3 and beyond of “The League”, Chuck was one of the craziest party people that the guys knew but when he returns it’s not what everyone remembers. The moment mentioned here specifically about Chuck is from when the guys were younger and he would help Pete get with ladies. In the moment Chuck would take out his testicles and gross them out while Pete pretended to be a doctor.

10. Ruxin’s Home Alone

Ruxin is certainly a man with many sides and personalities but one of the most interesting and hilarious moments is when Ruxin gets home from work and thinks he’s alone. Since Ruxin thought he was alone, he takes out the jelly and crackers and made himself a snack while he sang a song. Not only did Ruxin sing about his crackers and jelly but he used his fingers to scoop out the jelly and threw the crackers all over the counter. However this all gets spoiled for him when he discovered he was not home alone when he sang his song.

9. Sukkah Disaster

The Sukkah was a party that Ruxin was throwing for a Jewish holiday/tradition that he gathered several high profile community members that were crucial for his son’s future. However, the way that everyone was always in a competitive spirit, it was all ruined when a porno plays on a projector outside for everyone to see and hear. Included in this awful situation is the unveiling of Kevin spraying a Nazi symbol on a park bench to help keep a homeless man of Jenny’s ad bench.

8. Collusion

Collusion is one of the most brought up words in Ruxin’s vocabulary and while most of the time it is for absolutely no reason, outside of his own mind. However, during season 3, “The League” was full of collusion behind Ruxin’s back, which led to the explosion of Ruxin and the literally bathing of fire for the Shiva trophy by the end of the season. In this specific moment below Ruxin discovered from a project of Kevin and Jenny’s daughter that their was an original draft and that he didn’t draw 5th.

7. This Season Never Happened!

As mentioned earlier, this moment from “The League” season 3, Kevin finally wins The Shiva but as expected with Ruxin’s rage this season, “this season never happened!”, as he proclaimed. So when Ruxin set Shiva on fire on a little boat and pushed her out, Kevin was so attached to the trophy and idea of him winning that he jumped into the frozen water to get it. This moment is to be expected from Kevin with his love for the league and the trophy specifically.

6. Ruxin Wakes Up From Coma

The earlier mentioned moment of Ruxin discovering that this whole season had a false draft order as he was supposed to draft first but wasn’t there so everyone drafted without him. That moment at the end of the episode lead Ruxin into a stroke and short coma, which he woke up from the season 3 finale. Many interesting moments came from this episode but when Ruxin woke up to Rafi in his face, we were given one of the funniest.

5. The Gang Meets Dirty Randy

Ruxin, Pete, and Kevin enlist Rafi’s help in order to get a porno made in Andre’s apartment as part of his Sacko punishment, as mentioned earlier in our list at The Sukkah. Upon enlisting Rafi’s help we are introduced to one of the most interesting characters to ever be featured on The League, Dirty Randy. As the show progressed we saw more and more of the nature between Rafi and Dirty Randy but meeting him to make a porno is the perfect introduction to the character played by Seth Rogan.

4. Ruxin’s Dad’s Vinegar Strokes

Vinegar strokes are something we were introduced to early in the show and of course due to its obscene sounding nature, it is an idea of Taco. As a reminder, vinegar strokes are the face someone makes when they orgasm and according to Taco, upon making eye contact with someone in that circumstance you can see into their soul. In this particular interesting moment from season 3 of “The League” we see into the soul of Ruxin’s father.

3. Kevin Learns Krav Maga

As earlier mentioned, Kevin was taking Krav Maga classes and Pete triedf to get the teacher to flirt with him, as she was apparently flirting with Kevin. In this interesting moment from “The League” season 3 we saw her not only flirt with Kevin but also touch him quite inappropriately. When Kevin tried to tell Jenny about this she pretty much laughed in his face, as she didn’t believe he was reading the situation properly.

2. Shiva Bowl Shuffle

This moment, The Shiva Bowl Shuffle was inspired by an infamous Chicago Bears campaign in which the current roster of the team sang and did a dance. With Ruxin being the outlandish and vengeful man that he is, he enlisted a few NFL players to help him curate his own version of the dance that he called The Shiva Bowl Shuffle. While there were may songs in “The League”, Taco was usually behind most of them so to see Ruxin do this is an interesting moment between comedy and football fans.

1. Taco’s Gun Bong

In season 3 of “The League” we learn that Taco has a guest bong at everyone’s house that he tends to have resided in at one point or another. Specifically at Kevin’s house though, since Kevin owns a gun and clearly doesn’t use it, Taco turned it into his guest bong while at his brother’s house. This becomes one of the several reoccurring jokes and references on the show and they surprisingly one grow in curiosity.

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