15 Awesome Moments From The League Season 1

15 Awesome Moments From The League Season 1

The League was a very interesting FX show, featuring a close group of friends and their experiences with their shared fantasy football league. Some of the most outrageous scenes on television at the time were featured on the show with a rotating set of professional athletes and other celebrities. The League wasn’t just a scripted comedy as it was heavily improvised and it shows but it also helped deliver a very specific type of comedy for the show that made it stick out from others. As the show went on and the number of episodes and inside jokes increased, The League gained a cult following from comedy and football fans in America. Below, we’ve compiled a list the most interesting moments from season 1 of FX’s raunchy sports comedy The League.

15. The Draft

For this scene, and for the rest of the show, the guys draft and pick draft in order in the most mysterious and insane ways. For season 1 specifically, the guys use Ellie’s birthday party as an excuse to use the kids to decide their draft order. As the show progresses we see many more crazy draft order methods and they only explode in magnitude per season. Overall as The League progressed beyond season 1, we saw some very interesting moments when it comes to draft order. In the future we see the guys do things such as wager a house and hold secret drafts at weddings so just the draft situations alone are quite interesting. The Draft may only be the pilot episode for The League but the unique style of scripted comedy and improvised comedy was instantly there.

14. Criminal Sentence Wager

One of many things that the guys do is involve serious situations with their fantasy football league such as in this situation from The League season 1. In this specific situation Kevin and Ruxin, who are lawyers, are bargaining with a man’s life sentence over trades to each other’s teams. Of course this is just another perfect example of how the guys have no consideration for those around them whatsoever. Kevin being the commissioner of the league he’s always trying to do the fair and right thing while Ruxin, who accuses others of collusion is usually guilty of it himself. This situation however shows the both of them being equally fair and shady, just including a man’s prison sentence.

13. Ruxin And The Oracle At The Party

Kevin informs the guys that he has invited someone to the party that will help him and his fantasy football team to get ahead of the rest of them. The person Kevin has invited is known to football fans as The Oracle. This so-called Oracle is well aware of the ins and outs of fantasy football. However, Ruxin being himself, persuades the kid to help him instead of Kevin and ultimately looks as if Ruxin is trying to get a little too close to the child when his father arrives at the party. Even Ruxin’s interaction with The Oracle does awry when even he argues with his decision over what players belong where and how worth it they really are. Overall, this is just another sad situation of Ruxin trying to be the absolute greatest but like most of those attempts, it ends with him suffering major consequences.

12. Pete Gets Divorced

The first scene of The League showed Pete as he talked to the guys on their league forums and talk trash to each other. Quickly after Pete finished a video ripping the guys apart, his wife walked in the room with clear disappointment in Pete’s actions. While they get divorced in the first episode, it doesn’t happen right away, but it can be seen coming. With Pete’s divorce, him and Ruxin have a conversation about how Ruxin has already fully thought though a possible divorce with his wife and that he couldn’t do it. While the whole episode is about Pete’s divorce, as we’re introduced to every other aspect of the show at the same time, this is one of the most interesting scenes from The League season 1 involving Pete’s divorce.

11. Ruxin Meets Antonio Gates

While the rest of the guys are harassing Pete on his originally planned couple spa weekend, Ruxin is enjoying the steam room hot tub. While enjoying the hot tub, Ruxin is joined by the Chargers tight end Antonio Gates and takes no time at all ripping him apart for messing with his team. Although classic Ruxin behavior, Antonio Gates is not a fan of it whatsoever but this treatment of NFL players is nothing new for Ruxin as their insane behavior only increases. Considering how small the members of The League generally are, you’d find it surprising how they treat they NFL players that they encounter, especially Ruxin. At the beginning of this episode, Ruxin makes a reference to how he currently felt about the player so it was only fate that they met.

10. Eskimo Brothers Song

Many, many songs play in The League and most if not all of them are provided courtesy of Jon Lojoie’s character Taco, Kevin’s brother. The songs only increase as the show goes on and as there’s more opportunities for Taco’s music in certain situations. Eskimo Brothers Song specifically is one of the more interesting songs to have appeared early in the show, taking on the full theme of the episode itself. In the show, Taco comes across as nothing short of just a stoner and an idiot but at rare times he shows that he can not only be smart but also very resourceful, as he has acquired quite the amount of money from his ideas. Eventually, Taco circles back to the Eskimo Brothers idea and expands it in a huge and unpredictable way but also very much in the realm of what Taco tended to do.

9. Shiva Bowl End of Season Chant

Throughout the entire show, more and more as time went on, The League had a chant in honor of Shiva, the valedictorian from the gang’s school growing up. As if it wasn’t enough that the Super Bowl was renamed Shiva Bowl for their league, as well as a picture of her built into the trophy, but the guys also have a chant for their honorable Shiva trophy as well. Like everything else involving The League, they choose the absolute worst times to chant their song but Shiva eventually catches them. While we do see this more and more as The League progresses and more often, this interesting moment could be the best  of the Shiva chants.

8. Andre’s First Joint

When the guys in The League were younger, they offered Andre his first joint and unknown to the rest of the guys, Andre has held onto it all of this time and even got it framed. When Ruxin asked Andre about the apparent art on the wall after an incredibly impossible toast Andre was trying to make, Andre stated it was his first joint from then in which they reply that it was pubic hair. While they tear at Andre in a mild sense throughout season 1 with some interesting moments, every season after this season are only more and more brutal as time goes on.

7. Uncle Pete Calls Terry Bradshaw

While Ruxin has done the most devious things to get what he wants for his fantasy football team, the other guys have done their own fair share of devious things as well. One example of that is when Pete calls the legendary Terry Bradshaw, Steelers quarterback and Fox analyst. In order to get in contact with Terry Bradshaw, Pete lied about being Terry’s uncle and although the former quarterback knew it couldn’t of been his uncle, he answered anyway as long as Pete ensured that his number was deleted. Pete has been the most long-standing champion of the league and most occurring in general so of course he has his own share of sketchy things he’s done in order to get at least one step ahead of the rest of the league.

6. Pete Out-trades Andre

Yet another moment from Pete’s spa weekend was when Andre brags to Ruxin, Taco and Kevin about a trade Pete made with him during the weekend. When Andre informs of what he believed was a stupid trade on Pete’s end, Kevin soon reminds Andre why he was the one that lost out on the trade. The football player that Pete traded to Andre has been sentenced to prison for two years so it’s immediately clear that Pete went back on his word and gave Andre a bad trade. In the show they refer to this as a “trade rape” and for good reason however it’s Andre’s own fault as he makes errors like this consistently throughout the show.

5. Pete, Kevin and Jenny Play Charades

After Pete’s unfortunate mediation meeting gone wrong, he encountered the mediator at a party that the two of them, as well as Jenny and Kevin, were invited to. While things were already awkward between Pete and the mediator, Pete makes things worse by making some accidental remarks that offended the mediator. Overall this made matters much worse for Pete when they’re all involved in a very public game of charades at the party. Every single interact that Pete has with this character is beyond awkward and puts Pete in a low spot but when Kevin adn Jenny experience it too, they understand Pete’s frustrations.

4. Shiva Blast

Along with the members of The League singing their infamous Shiva song, they also do something else involving their former valedictorian. Along with the song, The League also tend to scream Shiva’s name when they are overcome with excitement or what they all believe to be good luck due to their praising of Shiva as if she’s a god. Clearly all of the members feel this way but in this particular moment, Kevin absolutely loses it while being in the apartment of their fabled Shiva. All of the members of the league that show at Shiva’s apartment, since Andre’s spoiled the news, take a memento of their own for good luck.

3. Down Dog

We saw immediately that Pete and Meegan’s relationship is an interesting one, but during the first episode when they’re still living together and they get ready for an event we start to see their dysfunction. When getting prepared for this event, the two of them talk about what exactly this benefit is about. Pete of course let his curiosity and crude humor lead the conversation as he highly questions to name of the event, for dogs with down-syndrome called Down Dog. While of course Pete is a giant child, scenes of their marriage made some of the most interesting moments from season 1 of The League.

2. Ellie’s Birthday Song

As stated earlier, Taco provided several songs throughout not only season 1 but all of The League that accompanied very interesting moments from the show. One of this moments in in the first episode during Kevin and Jenny’s daughter’s birthday party when Taco performed a birthday song he wrote for her. The song quickly becomes very dirty but of course Kevin is too distracted by something else to stop recording the inappropriate situation. This song from Taco is not only one of the most interesting moments from The League season 1 but also one of the only songs Taco didn’t use for some sort of cash grab.

1. Taco as McGibblets

Taco has done some of the most strange things out of the entire cast of The League, aside from a future cast member that isn’t present in season 1. One of the most interesting things Taco has done, especially in The League season 1 is dress up as McGibblets, Ellie’s favorite friendship mascot. Taco acquires the costume when Kevin asked Taco to wear the suit and scare Ellie in it so she’s no longer a fan of the icon, but of course this didn’t work. Taco of course kept the costume because he had an excuse for everything but it also wouldn’t be Taco if the costume didn’t make occasional appearances in the rest of the show.

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