Five Predictions for Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2

Five Predictions for Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2

Five Predictions for Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2

With The Bad Batch set to end its first season as of the next episode, fans are no doubt starting to wonder what this will bring for season 2 since it’s been established that this show wasn’t meant to be a limited series. Taking into consideration everything that’s happened since the first episode, one can’t help but think that the Star Wars galaxy is being opened up even further as new worlds and new stories that fit with the main story are being discovered all the time. The Bad Batch has also incorporated a couple of stories into its many episodes that have brought back a few very familiar faces as well, which was a good indication that there was bound to be a bit of overlap to the story and that the inclusion of Clone Force 99 would be a good idea.

With that in mind, here are a few predictions for season 2 of The Bad Batch.

5. Cid will reveal a few more secrets

Cid is a rather cagey individual that doesn’t really give out a lot of secrets unless she feels like it or if she has to, and it’s definitely possible that she has a lot more in her past and in her present that she’s not revealing. To be fair though, the relationship between her and the clones is mostly business so if it has nothing to do with their transactions then they really don’t need to know. The only drawback is that there’s a good chance that anything that Cid sends the clones out to accomplish could be something that involves her personal life or her past, or both. It’d be nice to know more about Cid.

4. The Bad Batch will start vibing with the Rebels

Given that Rex has fallen in with them it makes a lot of sense that the Bad Batch would eventually start running with them when it’s convenient since they’re more likely to want to do something to make a difference than spend the rest of their lives being mercenaries. Plus, their respect for Rex would be a great way to rope them into a couple of missions. But it goes without saying that they wouldn’t want to be beholden to another governing body, no matter that the Rebels at that time are a pretty loose assortment of people who stand firmly against the Empire.

3. We’ll see Fennec Shand and Cad Bane again

Both bounty hunters have become fan favorites in their time and would be welcome back without hesitating. The only drawback would be wondering how far forward the story is going to move and whether Bane will still be available to use. Fennec shouldn’t be a problem since she’s still around as of The Mandalorian and is soon to be in The Book of Boba Fett, so it shouldn’t be too hard to insert her in the story. The only question is whether she’ll decide to work for the Empire or if she’ll end up showing that she has at least a few principles that she’ll follow. Being that she’s a bounty hunter though this could be an iffy situation.

2. There will be another secret or two revealed about Omega

It does feel as though there’s more to Omega than we’re being told so far, especially since she can remember when Clone Force 99 was brought to the special room in Kamino where they were modified. Omega has shown that she’s different from a lot of the clones, but it’s also apparent that she’s nearly the polar opposite of Boba Fett, who could rightfully be called the Alpha since he’s the only other direct clone of Jango Fett. But there does appear to be a past that Omega has that she hasn’t been ready to disclose yet, or at least there’s the perception of one. Something indicates that the young woman has more to her than the clones realize.

1. Crosshair will either sacrifice himself or go out in a blaze of glory

Everyone wants to know if Crosshair is going to be welcomed back into the group, but the mistrust tends to run pretty deep in this instance and it’s not a cut and dried kind of answer that people are going to get. The clone has already ditched his inhibitor chip and yet doesn’t realize the depravity of the Empire since they haven’t really made it clear that he’s dispensable just yet. Perhaps once he realizes that he’ll figure that he’s better off with his companions, but it feels more likely that Crossfire would go down fighting when he realizes that he’s been duped. To be honest, this story doesn’t sound like it’s going to end on a high note unless one counts Crosshair taking one for the team as a win.

There’s no date set for the second season yet, but one can easily guess that everyone will be waiting.the Rebels

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