5 Reasons Why She-Hulk is Already Ridiculous

5 Reasons Why She-Hulk is Already Ridiculous
5 Reasons Why She-Hulk is Already Ridiculous


It feels a little early to dive into the criticisms of any show that has only one episode under its belt. Still, it’s fair to state that this was building throughout the entire first episode of She-Hulk, and I’m not the first person to mention how sexism can work both ways without fail. But seriously, getting past that bold statement for a moment, there are a few other reasons why the first episode of She-Hulk has set a ridiculous precedent that will hopefully be smoothed out as the show moves forward. The fact is that this is a post-Blip program since the talks between Jennifer and her cousin Bruce have leaned toward subjects that are past tense and prove that things have moved on, and She-Hulk belongs to the MCU that has yet to be. 

Here are five reasons why the She-Hulk show is ridiculous for now. 

5. This is another case of a hero not being made to earn what they’ve got…yet. 

This might cause a bit of argument since it is easy to state that Bruce is attempting to help Jennifer get used to her Hulk powers. At the same time, however, she appears to be stating that she’s got the hang of it and that nothing he can teach her is going to make a bit of difference. So far she’s had two freakouts as her body has acclimated to the change, but nothing that would indicate that she’s lost control. Her transition from a regular, human lawyer to a green-skinned fighter that is apparently just about as skilled as her cousin, who’s been adapting to the life of a Hulk for a lot longer. Her easy transition from one form to another makes it clear that her struggles will come later, but her mastery over her power isn’t going to be that big of a deal. 

5 Reasons Why She-Hulk is Already Ridiculous


4. The origin of She-Hulk’s power is insane. 

The off-chance that Bruce’s blood would drip into an open wound on Jennifer’s arm is beyond ridiculous. The odds of such a thing happening are astronomical, not to mention hard to fathom given why it even happened. But a blood transfusion still would have been far more satisfying when it came to Jennifer gaining her powers, if only because it wasn’t some random bit of happenstance that could have been avoided in so many different ways. It makes a person wonder how many were rolling their eyes and how hard when this happened in the show since this unlucky turn of events is one of the strangest ways to make a superhero. 

3. What does Sakkar have to do with anything?

It’s pretty clear that we’re going to find out at some point why a courier ship from Sakkar was seen hovering over the road, but using it to lead into Jennifer’s origin story is odd, at least for now. This does give the impression that the first episode was going to be a hodgepodge of images and ideas that would confuse a lot of people who don’t know that much about She-Hulk or World War Hulk and are going to be either frustrated or uncertain of how things are going to go. By next week or the week after, there’s no doubt that this question will be irrelevant, but for now, it feels like a bit of confusion that a lot of people are bound to share. 

5 Reasons Why She-Hulk is Already Ridiculous


2. Jennifer Walters comes off as strong and independent but also dismissive. 

It’s amusing that women don’t want to be considered weak, submissive, or in any way, less than a man but will gladly ‘put men in their place’ even when the men in question are attempting to help them. There is no doubt that Bruce comes off solid while trying to inform her how life will be, and one of her fellow lawyers is a severe tool since he tries to tell her how to do the job. Jennifer’s attitude when it comes to being her own person is excellent, but her inability to listen to others is, well, kind of challenging to take. 

1. The casual dismissal of the struggle that Bruce had to endure is kind of off-putting. 

Bruce Banner has been there and done that when it comes to being the Hulk, and the fact that Jennifer appears to brush off her new status and Bruce’s experience is tough. It implies that she knows a lot more than her cousin and that when it comes to being a Hulk, she can just wing it without any complications. If there’s one thing that’s been proven, the MCU will push a hero for no better reason than because it needs to show that representation does matter. But it’s not quite as effective when it comes at the expense of the story and characters that have already been established. 

It’s easy to think that She-Hulk will be a fun show to watch, but now it’s more like a slap to the face. 

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