Five Things We Expect To See From ‘Armor Wars’

The new Disney + original series,  Armor Wars, starring award-winning actor and filmmaker Don Cheadle is set to come to a small screen near you! The series is currently in the production stage. Still, like other Marvel series released recently, like Loki, Falcon, and The Winter Soldier, this instalment is expected to expand more on the Marvel Cinematic UniverseFans will be thrilled to see Colonel James Rhodes, aka War Machine, back on screen after the events of Avenger: EndGame 2, where he helped restore the timeline after Tony Stark’s death. Despite no word from Disney on an official release date, we can take a look at a few things we expect to see in the new Marvel series, Armor Wars

A Deeper look at Colonel James Rhodes Life

According to Disney + Originals, Don Cheadle is the only actor confirmed to return for Armor Wars. He will reprise his role as Colonel James Rhodes ‘Rhodey’ as the main hero in the small screen adaptation of the comic series of the same name. His casting as the lead role means we might learn more about the hero’s personal life that hasn’t been explored much in the MCUWe don’t know much of Rhodey’s life before Tony became Iron man other than they had been long-time friends and went to MIT together. Fans might get a glimpse into his childhood and why and when he decided to join the US military and become an Air Force Lieutenant.  Since taking the old Mark II armour from Tony, Rhodes has since upgraded the suit with an arsenal of weapons. From then, we saw him fight as the War Machine in the Avengers so that we might see more of his suit’s capabilities. We might also see James Rhodes expand on how it feels to have superhuman abilities like super strength and flight with the War Machine suit.

Tony Stark’s Appearance.

Considering Armor Wars will focus heavily on Don Cheadle’s character, we are sure to see some reference to Tony Stark or the man himself cameo in a flashback from the previous Marvel movies. Creators of the series could even enlist younger actors to portray the close relationship between the two friends while they were at MIT.  Since Tony played such a massive role in Rhodes becoming a hero and Avenger, we expect to see some mention of Iron man. We might get to see what Tony left behind for him, similar to Spiderman: Far From Home, where Peter Parker got a new spiderman suit and tech glasses from the genius billionaire.  According to an interview with BroBible’s Post Credit PodcastDon Cheadle revealed that Tony Stark’s death in Avengers: End Game will play a massive role in Armor Wars. 

A Plot Based on the Comic “Armor Wars”

Disney already confirmed that the original series has its roots in the classic seven-issue Marvel comic written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton between 1987-1988. The ‘Armor Wars’ comic followed Tony Stark as he fought to get back his Iron man designs that had fallen into the hands of villains set to destroy the world.  James Rhodes helps him in his quest to retrieve his plans. While the show might follow a similar storyline, we expect a few changes now that Tony Stark died in Avengers: End Game while fighting Thanos.

One of the Avengers

In the upcoming series, there’s a chance that one or two avengers might make an appearance. Considering Rhodes is one of the oldest characters in the MCU movies, he might call on an avenger to help him retrieve Tony’s stolen technology. James Rhodes might enlist the help of other heroes instead of fighting alone. Pepper Potts, Tony’s wife, might be on board to help James protect her husband’s legacy from being tarnished. The Rescue armor she wore in Avengers: End Game could make a return as they fight to save the world. In the first scenes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we got to see Rhodes with Falcon as he advised him to keep Captain America’s shield instead of donating it to a museum. Fans might get to see Sam Wilson’s Captain America in the upcoming series to help his friend.

Return of Old Villains

We can expect a few familiar Marvel villains to appear in the series. According to Disney’s synopsis of Armor Wars, James Rhodes must face what happens when Tony Stark’s Tech falls into the wrong hands. Tony had a lot of enemies, so we expect to see some of them return to battle against Rhodes’ War Machine for the chance to use Tony’s designs for their evil plans.  One of the most infamous villains known for stealing Tony’s tech and passing it off as his own is Justin Hammer. He is the military contractor who upgraded Rhodey’s iron man suit into the Iron Patriot for the US government.  While Hammer was arrested at the end of Iron Man 2, we might see him escape and return as the series’ bad guy to get his revenge on Tony’s family. We are hopeful for his appearance because, in the Armor Wars comics, Justin is the one upgrading villain’s suits using Stark’s stolen designs.

The terrorist organization Ten Rings that kidnapped Tony during the first Iron Man movie could also be returning as a foe to Colonel Rhodes. The group is known for being after Tony’s tech designs to create dangerous weapons. Since Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is set to open in theatres on September 3, 2021, as part of Phase 4, the terrorist organization might tie into the series somehow. 

  from our excitement for the new show, one thing we are sure to see in Marvel’s Armor Wars series is action-packed scenes that will keep us on our toes. If the Disney+ original series is anything like the Iron Man movies, we might even get a bit of sarcastic humor from James Rhodes.

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