Life of Kylie Season Premiere: First Impressions

This might mark me as a “hater” but really truly the Life of Kylie seems like another stab at a reality show meant to give the image that celebrities that aren’t REALLY celebrities are everyday run of the mill people like the rest of us. That might seem a bit disingenuous really, but the truth of the matter is that Kylie and those she hangs around with are not like your run of the mill 19-year old. Think of it this way, how many 19-year old’s can say something like “We need to find a jet within the next two hours” more or less? How many are able to go where she goes, do what she does, and live the life she does? And yet the reality “star” wants to go on film and tell others just what her life is all about and how she wants to run away from it all and just be a simple teen.

But not without her makeup, credit cards, or posse of friends obviously. There is a reason why I’m hoping a lot of people won’t buy into this “reality” show any more than they have the others.

There’s no reality about it.

Just like with any reality show the problem lies in being filmed the entire time. Do any of us ever act like who really are when we know the camera is on and it’s a serious matter? Do you think that anyone is going to show their deepest, darkest secrets on film when they know a million or more people are watching? Kylie is not too far off from the rest of her family when it comes to needing to be the center of attention. This time she’s taken it to the point that she now has her own show in which she “helps” others with their issues.

On the show she seems innocent, in the press she’s been seen to slam her friends.

This might be bad journalism at its best, but in one particular article it’s been seen that Kylie is calling her friend Jordyn a third wheel in her relationships. On the show however it seems like the two are the best friends that could have ever been. Once again that could be bad journalism but to be honest it leaves a lot of room for doubt between the two and a gaping hole in the fabric of the reality show.

How in the world does she go about deciding who to help?

Why in the world would you ask a celebrity to help your son get a date? And how in the world does she find these people? Or rather, how do HER people find them for her? Kylie has already stated that she usually spends a great deal of time on various social media platforms and a lot of it has to do with what she’s feeling and looking up makeup tutorials. So where exactly does she find this time to interact with people that “need” her help?

There’s my first impressions. They’re not that different from a lot of people’s opinions really.


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