What’s Going To Happen in The Crown Season 4?

Those that have been following the Netflix show The Crown have no doubt been wondering just what is bound to happen in season 4, and have likely been enjoying or at least remained intrigued over what is being shown of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The varied events that occurred during the 20th century have been plentiful and being able to see them through the eyes of the royal family, as John Orquiola of ScreenRant describes, has been highly interesting as well as informative from an entertainment and even historical standpoint as people have no doubt been fact-checking throughout the first three seasons. The idea of getting people to the point where they’ll look up actual history and see just what happened so long in the past is a boon that some shows have bestowed upon the people since history tends to be a very dry subject at times, but when one really gets into it they can find that some things are quite interesting. In terms of The Crown and its material a good deal of it has likely been glamorized a bit but there’s enough to interest true history buffs and keep them wondering what they’ll see next and what point the creators will focus on as they continue forward.

One very interesting part of the show is that they revamped the cast in season 3, proving to be highly ambitious by taking out Claire Foy, Matt Smith, and Vanessa Kirby. This might have seemed like a big risk to some people, but there’s definitely a purpose there when one really thinks about it. Things do change throughout history after all and considering that Foy won an Emmy and Kirby won a BAFTA award it could be that their price tags became a bit too high, or it could have been the plan all along. With that in mind Olivia Colman took up the role of Queen Elizabeth II while Tobias Menzies settled in to the role of Prince Philip, while Helena Bonham Carter took on the mantle of Princess Margaret. This time period went from the 1960s to the 70s if you recall and went through several monumental moments that people that were growing up in that era might or might not remember based on what they were paying attention to at that time. Those that were of age in England no doubt remember at least a couple of moments that happened, though that too is debatable. The history we remember is usually bound to us in some personal way after all and unless something has an epic effect on our lives we tend not to remember it as much.

Coming in season 4 we’ll be given a look at the House of Windsor as it existed in the 80s and if anyone remembers, this was when things started getting interesting in a big way. Given that there are so many people that were old enough to remember the 80s and all they entailed this might be one of the most interesting seasons yet since the decade was rather tumultuous in a lot of ways, and season 4 is bound to show this since a great deal happened in that ten-year span that was seen as good or bad depending on who was looking at it and managed to create a huge buzz around the royal family as a result. At this time there’s no release date that’s been set in stone but simply hearing that the season is going to be set in one of the most interesting decades is enough to get people talking and will no doubt be causing the old rumor mill to churn and grind as much as possible as people try to anticipate what it is that they’ll be seeing. Thus far the thought is that the wait for the next season won’t be as long as it was between seasons 2 and 3, as production was started on season 4 recently, meaning that it’s well underway and should hopefully be ready to go far sooner.

As of right now the thought is that season 4 might be released around November or December of 2020, which seems feasible and fair really since it’s not that far off when you really think about it. The cast of season 3 will be back for the most part, but there are a couple of individuals that people are looking forward to, and that would be Emma Corrin playing the part of Lady Diana Spencer, and Gillian Anderson taking on the part of Margaret Thatcher. Those two names alone are why the next season is already looking to be something that people should be willing and ready to pay attention to, since the time of Princess Diana was considered to be one that people all over the world took note of back in the day. The coming season should be something special to see, and fans are probably going to be reading up on their history once again just to make certain that the show is sticking to the story.

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