The Five Best Claire Foy Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Claire Foy Movies of Her Career

Claire Foy

If you’re a big fan of Claire Foy it’s likely that you enjoy her in The Crown most of all since this seems to be where she’s the most prominent at the moment, but her movies, while panned by some, aren’t all that bad either if you take the time to sit and watch them. One thing about the critics that try to tell us what to watch and why is that they approach things from a different perspective than many other moviegoers and as a result some people tend to think of them as experts no matter if their words contradict everything that we as individuals happen to think is right. Claire is a great actress as people have already seen and while her movies haven’t been the absolute blockbusters that some have expected they’ve still been impressive enough to take the time to watch. Don’t listen solely to the critics, there are some movies that don’t receive good marks that are actually quite well done.

Here are a few of Claire’s best movies.

5. The Lady in the Van

She’s more of a bit-player in this movie but it still deserved to be mentioned since it follows the events of a true story in which a man somehow befriends an elderly woman living in a van. She’s rather eccentric, not entirely sanitary, and seems a bit out of her gourd at times, but as he continues to care for her and gets to know her the man begins to discover that she has a rather interesting back story that he  begins to write about upon her passing and comes to realize is more interesting than she let on during life. It’s one of those stories that you can’t help but feel good about once you’ve watched it.

4. Breathe

No one expects to be cut down with polio when they’re in their 20s and thank goodness that such a thing doesn’t happen any longer, at least from this disease. But the desire to live was greater than the desire just to give up thankfully as Robin Cavendish decided to find a way to exist away from a hospital bed by creating a system that could allow him to remain somewhat mobile despite being paralyzed from the neck down. It’s horrible to think of what people who were crippled by this disease had to go through in the past, especially since it would appear that they literally couldn’t go anywhere and survive for more than a few minutes.

3. First Man

It’s amazing that anyone bothered to criticize this movie but then again, most movies don’t get away without some people stating something they didn’t care for. In this look back in history however we get a better idea of what it took Neil Armstrong to get this far and what the mission to the moon meant to him and those with him. The tale of a man’s life and how it affected so many and was in turn affected by the sacrifice of many becomes something that people will likely remember for some time to come. It could be that the movie didn’t move fast enough for the liking of some folks.

2. The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Lisbeth Salander is a talented and dangerous woman, but even she seems to be capable of being surprised since after all the effort of trying to keep the desired technology that the bad guys want, and the people who can unlock it, safe and sound, she’s outsmarted by the last person she expected. When her sister, who was presumed dead years before, reappears as the leader of the group that are attempting to unlock the laptop that she’s trying to keep from them, Lisbeth has to think quick and act even quicker in order to save the one person that can unlock the laptop and see that the group after it are thwarted.

1. Unsane

This movie is traumatic times ten if you think about the implications of it all. First Sawyer is tricked into signing herself into a psychiatric facility, where it’s apparent that she’s not going to be allowed to leave after a while since they happen to be bilking the insurance company as much as they can. Then it would appear that her stalker works in the facility, but has taken on a new persona. After a while it’s pretty obvious that her stalker is someone that’s been doing his best to get her alone and have his way with her, whatever that might entail. Thankfully Sawyer isn’t the kind of person to take this all lying down and despite a few setbacks she finally manages to deal with her stalker in the most brutal way. Unfortunately that’s not where the mental trauma ends.

Claire has what it takes to be a great lead, now she just needs an epic script.

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