Five Awesome Movie Scenes Involving Camels

Five Awesome Movie Scenes Involving Camels

Five Awesome Movie Scenes Involving Camels

Camels are not the nicest of creatures unless you know how to treat them and you know what they’re capable of. In the desert they are an important animal second to none because they can go for so long without needing water and can carry very heavy loads that make them indispensable to those that live in such climates. They can go over terrain that would give all but the heaviest and most divers all-terrain vehicles trouble, and the rumor is that they are smarter than horses and are known for valuing self-preservation over everything. In short, camels are far more likely to save their own skins in a tussle but can also be relied upon as any animal that is allowed to bond with their rider.

They tend to spit though, and bite if you don’t treat them right. Their general disposition in films isn’t all that exaggerated.

5. The Mummy

Horses might be faster, but this is typically on flat ground where their hooves can give them a distinct advantage over the toes of the camel. On sand it’s reasonable to believe that a camel, a common native of sandy regions, would have a distinct advantage as they know how to move and how to best position themselves on their native terrain. Horses are also very attuned to the cues of their riders and might be distracted by the smallest thing at any moment. Camels are simple in that you point them in a direction and get them to go. They do the rest.

4. The Scorpion King

It’s not all that often you see a main character in a film pick a mount that is anything other than an impressive-looking horse or something equally as powerful. The truth is however that camels are just as strong as horses if not stronger and are bound to be far less forgiving of their riders’ attitudes and shortcomings. What this means however is that if their rider is able to bond with them, that bond will typically be just as strong if not a little stronger than one might develop with a horse.

3. Sahara


Camels might be kind of a there and gone commodity in this film but they’re no less important. After all the three camels used to get the heroes onto the train leading into the solar facility were well-trained enough to simply sit there until it was time to get going. Camels take direction in a very simplistic way. If they’re being called upon to do something they do it. If not, well then there’s not really much to do but either sit and wait or do whatever comes naturally.

2. Jarhead

Despite the fiction of this movie there’s nothing worse than a guy with a gun that just wants to see what it can do. Fowler could have cost them all their lives in one way or another with his stunt. It’s more than right that the rest of them are a little angry at Fowler for what he did, largely because the people that live in the desert depend heavily upon their camels. To think that someone would needlessly shoot one just for fun is an insult and a disgrace to the uniform.

1. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

When your car isn’t running due to lack of fuel then camel power seems to work just fine. In a desert wasteland they’re better than anything other than fuel and water considering that they can go for so long and will usually last longer than most people on a long distance trek. Camels are one of nature’s superior animals despite the fact that they’re so overlooked.

Camels might not be the nicest animals, but they are impressive in a very unique and interesting way.


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