20 Memorable Celebrity Fraternity Photos

It’s “the best time of your life but you’ll never do it again.”  Those were the words I heard when I asked what pledging a fraternity would be like.  Those words could have never been more true.  While I won’t get into details with regard to what I went through at college in order to be initiated into my fraternity, let’s just say I’ll never, ever forget that time period in my life.   It’s hard to believe it’s been around 20 years since those days but here I am writing about it and thankfully I’m still alive.

But I’m not the one that’s interesting here.  What’s interesting is that before their fame there are plenty of celebrities who were part of the same process I was.  Before Old School, Will Ferrell was a lowly pledge.  Before Dazed and Confused Matthew McCounaughey was roughing it as a lowly freshman pledge.  And there are more, each with their own ridiculous fraternity picture.

Here are 20 memorable celebrity fraternity photos:

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