10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shae Primus

Shae Primus lives a life of love. She might not currently be in love herself, but she is a woman who knows love, who has found love, and who is doing all she can to make sure love is within her realm – and by that we mean that she is always looking for people who she thinks can fall in love with one another. She’s a reality star on the Bravo Network, she’s a matchmaker, and she is a woman who is living her dream working and making love matches on television. It’s her life, and she is excited to live it while we all watch her.

1. She is a Matchmaker

The world is such an interesting place. It’s full of people looking for love, and it’s filled with people who think they know how to find it…for other people. Shea Primus is one of those women. Her actual job title is matchmaker, and what sounds more fun than helping people find their happiness and their love for one another? We can’t think of much.

2. She is a Reality Star

Now that she’s a name you should recognize, but you also know she’s a new reality show star. She’s part of the new Bravo show called Love Match Atlanta, which is going to show us all about all the things we don’t know about the world of matchmaking. She’s good at what she does, and we love it.

3. She is a CEO

She has a company of her own, and she’s happy to have it. She’s the CEO of her own firm all about finding love and making people live their own dreams. The name of her company is Middle-Class Matchmaker because she strives to find love for those who are living their everyday middle-class lives.

4. She is a Mom

She’s the mother of two kids, and she’s a proud mom. Her kids mean everything to her, and there is nothing she will not do for them. Their love for her is reflected in the happiness their family shares, and it’s darling to watch this family interact with one another.

5. She is Single

She’s single, too, and she might be looking for love of her own. She wasn’t single for a long time, but she’s found herself in the midst of a breakup in recent years, and she’s suddenly back on the market despite not thinking it would happen to her. However, she’s embracing each day as it comes.

6. She Feels Driven

Her goal is to help people find love, and she’s compelled by her drive to do just that. Her love of love and matchmaking comes from her friends. She’s a woman with many successful professional friends in a single state, and she feels like she can help them all find the man or woman of their dreams.

7. She Knows Her Clients

What helps her stand out from the crowd of matchmakers is that she knows the life. She knows her clients, she knows what is going on in their lives, and she knows what people are looking for. She knows that you cannot succeed in love if you don’t know your clients, so she makes it her goal.

8. She Believes in Manifestation

In addition to the many other things she believes in, she is a woman who knows that you can manifest what you are looking for in life. She puts things out in the universe, and she makes it clear that she is ready for those things to make their way to her. She is a woman who has been dealing with so many things in different aspects of her life, and it’s become a strong feeling for her.

9. She is Serious About Mental Health

Mental health is serious business, and she takes hers seriously. She is not a woman who takes it lightly, and that is something we appreciate on a serious basis. Her life is something she works on daily, and a major factor in that is her own mental health. It’s important.

10. She is Strong in Her Faith

Her faith is of the utmost importance to her. She’s a woman who has done so much for herself and the life she is living, and she is ready to take things up a notch. Her faith is something she is serious about, and she is regularly waiting on God to show Himself in her life in some manner. She prays regularly, she is faithful, and she trusts.

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