10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bebe Bettencourt

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bebe Bettencourt
BeBe Bettencourt

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BeBe Bettencourt is new to the entertainment industry, but she’s already carrying herself like someone who has been in the business for years. Even though she only has a handful of on-screen credits, the rising actress has already landed some pretty impressive roles. Many people will recognize her for playing Hedwig in the TV series Eden and Emma in the movie Spiderhead. Her natural ability to capture people’s attention is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by viewers and critics alike. Those who have been following her career will be excited to know that she will also be in an upcoming TV series called History of A Pleasure Seeker, which is set to be released in 2022. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about BeBe Bettencourt.

1. She Was Born in Australia

BeBe was born and raised in Australia, and she is very proud of her roots. It was there that she initially fell in love with acting. From what we can tell, she still lives in Australia, but it will be interesting to see if she decides to relocate to a place like Los Angeles or New York City.

2. BeBe Bettencourt Comes From a Creative Family

Even though BeBe is technically a newcomer to the entertainment industry, she’s actually been around it for her entire life. Both of her parents are well-known and successful musicians. She is the daughter of Nuno Bettencourt, the lead guitarist for the band Extreme, and Suze DeMarchi, the frontwoman of the band Baby Animals.

3. It’s Unclear If She’s Had Formal Acting Training

The path to becoming a professional actor never looks the same for anyone. Some people choose to go to acting school, while others decide to jump right into the interview process. Unfortunately, we aren’t sure which group BeBe falls into. We weren’t able to find any information on whether BeBe attended drama school or received any other kind of formal acting training.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bebe Bettencourt

credit @bebeorleans

4. She Loves to Travel

BeBe is the kind of person who always enjoys a good adventure, and traveling provides her with precisely that. She has gotten the chance to see lots of places all over the world. Some of the countries she’s visited include Greece and the United States. As her career grows, she’ll probably get more travel opportunities.

5. She Enjoys Being Out In Nature

BeBe may have grown up with famous parents, but she still knows how to appreciate the simple things in life. When BeBe isn’t busy working, you can often find her enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. She especially likes to hang out near the water.  Anyone who enjoys spending time in nature knows how relaxing it can be.

6. She Is 26 Years Old

Thanks to her youthful appearance, there are probably a lot of people who think that BeBe Bettencourt is in her teens. However, it’s actually been quite some time since that’s been the case. BeBe is currently 26 years old and will turn 27 in February of 2023. She’ll probably be able to play much younger characters for several more years.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bebe Bettencourt

credit @bebeorleans

7. She Loves Fashion

As far as we know, BeBe doesn’t have any experience working in the fashion industry, but she definitely has the potential. BeBe enjoys being able to express herself through her clothing, and she has a great sense of style. She isn’t afraid to switch it up and experiment with different looks.

8. BeBe Bettencourt Loves to Read

During an interview with the Casting Guild of Australia, BeBe shared that she has always loved books. In fact, her love for books is one of the things that inspired her to get into acting. Unfortunately, she didn’t go into detail on what kinds of books she prefers reading.

9. She’s a Cat Person

Are you someone who believes that you can tell a lot about someone’s personality based on whether they prefer dogs or cats? If so, you may be interested to know this detail about BeBe Bettencourt. Based on a photo on her Instagram profile, it appears that BeBe is a cat person. However, it’s unclear if she has a cat of her own.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bebe Bettencourt

credit @bebeorleans

10. She’s Vegan

Several years ago, BeBe made the decision to start following a vegan diet. There are many reasons people make this decision, but for BeBe, it appears that she simply did not want to participate in cruelty towards animals. Although some people may think it’s nearly impossible to follow a diet with no meat, dairy, or seafood, BeBe feels it’s the best decision she’s ever made.

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