Five Things You Didn’t Know about SZA

Solana Imani Rowe, known to most as SZA, is an American R&B singer that’s been tearing up the charts since she came on the scene in 2012. In the time that she’s been active in the music industry she’s already gained a healthy reputation for being one of more popular singers to come into the business. She’s had a great career at this point and signs point to the as of yet known fact that things should only be getting better. She’s not exactly a newcomer to the industry but she could very well be one of the many that might be taking over the spotlight eventually as she continues to shine.

Eventually the new talent has to have their day as well, and she’s poised and ready.

5. She trained as a gymnast for 13 years.

This would no doubt explain the impressive moves she’s shown in videos already. Thirteen years in gymnastics can make a person extremely limber and I can just imagine what else she can do that might amaze a crowd. Being a gymnast though is kind of demanding life so if she did it as a recreational hobby it’s understandable why she’s able to hold onto her career without stressing out too much.

4. She wanted to work at Seaworld growing up.

Solana wanted to be a marine biologist so that she could work at Seaworld one day. A lot of kids probably had this kind of dream once they visited the park. You can’t blame a person, being able to work around such impressive and wondrous creatures every day would be kind of fun. But then you’d have to remember that as much fun as it is you have to work as well, and that can be a lot less fun.

3. She stumbled into music after dropping out of college.

That’s one heck of a stumble and a very fortuitous one to be honest. Getting into the music scene isn’t any easier than getting into anything else, so it must be that Solana knew someone that knew somebody else or something similar to just fall into it after college. What could have been an uncertain course in her life was obviously saved by a bit of grace and good luck.

2. She’s good friends with Beyonce Knowles.

It pays to know people in higher places, especially when they can have a huge influence on your career and are in the same industry. It might be a competitive industry but there’s no reason why anyone would shy away from having friends that they can connect with. It’s not exactly like the old days when women would be pitted against one another in an effort to create some ridiculous feud. It does happen, but thankfully not in this case.

1. She’s the most nominated female artist at the 2018 Grammy’s. 

Just this year she’s been nominated five times for Grammy awards. She’ll have to wait another couple of days to see if she can manage to win any of those nominations but to be put into that any categories in one award show is impressive.

Best of luck to you Solana.

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