10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

Dinosaur movies are fascinating to watch regardless of the age group. Whether 2, 12, 24, or 48, there is no better way to spend your family time than bonding over a dinosaur movie. Besides being enjoyable, dinosaur movies open up a new world of imagination in our minds. They provide us with a view of what it would have been like if dinosaurs and humans had co-existed.

Do you know research has proven that children with a high interest in dinosaurs have a better attention span? They are also more patient and possess more profound skills in processing knowledge. Dinosaurs take us on a trip to the deeper parts of our planet Earth by allowing us to enjoy the natural history. This is why we have compiled a list of the best dinosaur movies you must watch. Don’t worry! We did not include “Jurassic park.”

1. King Kong-1933

10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

Credits: King Kong

King Kong (1993) was a fantasy horror movie set out when a filming crew went to an island to shoot a film. They stumble upon a giant ape inhabiting the island’s land hell breaks lose when the ape tries to fall in love with a crew woman. King Kong had a sequel made known as Son Of Kong. In 2005 the movie was remade. The most famous sequel of the movie so far is Godzilla Vs. Kong (2021). If you are wondering what’s a gorilla film doing in the list of dinosaur movies, you should know that Kong lived on Skull Island. This IslanIslandinhabited by many dinosaurs. 

2. The Land Before Time-1988

10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

Credits: The Land Before Time

The land before time is a whole series of films, all of which are worth the time. The first film was released in 1988. In this animated film, an orphaned dinosaur joins fellow kid dinosaurs to locate their families. The movie has six parts, and the latest was released in 2000.

3. The Flinstones-1994

10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

Credits: The Flinstones

This family comedy movie follows the story of Fred Flintstone and Wilma Flintstone. Fred always has the back of his best friend Barney Rubble, and Barney also returns the favors equally but will their friendship suffer due to one mistake? Watch it now to find out.

4. Dinosaur-2000

10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

Credits: Dinosaur

This live-action film follows an iguanodon named Aladar. Aladar is brought up by lemurs when he gets separated from his own family. That s only until his new home gets destroyed by meteors. Aladar and his adoptive family search for a greener home, only to be chased down by carnivores.

5. Night At The Museum-2006

10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

Credits: Night At The Museum

Night At The Museum is based on a children’s book by Milan Trenc. Ben Stiller is seen playing the role of Larry, a night guard at a museum. Larry finds his job boring, that is, until all the exhibits in the museum start coming to life. Night At The Museum has two more parts:

  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
  •  Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

6. Journey To The Center Of The Earth-2008

10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

Credits: Journey To The Center Of Earth

Journey to the center of the EarthEartha science-fiction adventurous movie released in 2008. The story begins when a scientist embarks on a mission to find his brother. Accompanied by his nephew and a guide, he comes across a lost world of mysteries. Featuring the all-time favorite actor Brendan Fraser, this one is a must-watch. Journey to the earthEarth’ser also had a sequel called Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Part two features Dwayne Johnson.

7. Land Of The Lost-2009

10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

Credits: Land Of The Lost

Land of the Lost is a comedy sci-fi, an adventurous film featuring Will Ferrell. Will plays the role of a scientist, Rick Marshal, who gets sucked into the past along with his assistant. They have to find a way to survive in this dangerous time while finding their way back home

8. Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie-2013

10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

Credits: Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie

Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie takes you back in time, 70 million years to be precise, to make you feel how the world was when it was ruled by dinosaurs. The story begins when an Alexornis bird tells the story of dinosaurs to the nephew of a paleontologist looking for fossils. This movie is also available in 3D.

9. The Good Dinosaur-2015

10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

Credits: The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur is a computer-animated film in which Pixar presented the idea of humans and dinosaurs co-existing. Arlo is a child who gets lost in a superstorm. Wrlo sets out to find his family, when the storm has passed and on his mission, he befriends a good dinosaur. Although parental guidance is recommended for children under 9

10. CLAW-2020

10 Dinosaur Movies You Must Watch

Credits: CLAW

Claw features Chynna Walker, who gets stuck in a town with a friend. The stay is only for a night, but things quickly turn for the worst when they find themselves being hunted by a primal predator.

Although we hate to say this, none of the movies are based on actual life events. So pick one of those mentioned above and enjoy your family time.


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