A Polly Pocket Movie is Happening with Lena Dunham Directing

A Polly Pocket Movie is Happening with Lena Dunham Directing

A Polly Pocket Movie is Happening with Lena Dunham Directing

Movies based on toys and cartoons are certainly the thing right now since Polly Pocket is going to be a live-action movie starring Lily Collins as the titular character that will be directed by Lena Dunham. As far as having anything to say about this, it’s easy to state that kids might get a kick out of this and anyone who happened to be a fan of Polly Pocket back in the day or even now will likely appreciate this effort. It sounds like this project will be a collaboration between Mattel and MGM, but as far as story details go there doesn’t appear to be a lot more other than the idea that this movie will showcase a relationship between the main character and a young girl, as the adventures of Polly and possibly her friends will take place in a manner that will likely entertain and remind a lot of fans what the joy was all about when playing with their Polly Pocket sets that are still on sale to this day since Polly Pocket is still on TV in animated form and is quite popular among young children.

Miniaturized characters are nothing new, but each show and movie that has used this method has done something different to make their characters stand out. The closest to Polly Pocket that some folks can remember is the old story of The Indian in the Cupboard, which was entertaining in its day and eventually became a movie that didn’t really go anywhere. Of course, one big difference between Polly and that story is that the figures that went into the cupboard would eventually become inanimate figures once again, while Polly is fully aware of herself and her situation and doesn’t become a figurine at any point in time. Dunham isn’t really bringing this idea back so much as she’s bringing it forward since Polly’s animated series is pretty easy to find. But how well this story will transition from animation to live-action will be interesting to see.

Listening to Dunham gush over the prospect of making this movie is enough to wonder if her focus is going to be tight enough on making the movie so that the audience can enjoy it, or if she’ll be caught up in her own fantasy of what the movie should be like. In all fairness, she has proven herself as a director, and Lily Collins will be producing the movie so it’s easy to think that the two will be able to come up with a way to present the material in a manner that’s stylish, still capable of attracting kids and possibly adults, and yet still intelligent enough to deliver in a manner that won’t appear condescending or too childish for anyone to really get into.  Plenty of people have faith in Dunham at this point so it’s easy to state that she’ll most likely create something that will manage to encompass the spirit of Polly, and along with Collins’ help the project will most likely be a notable feature when it’s released. Movies that are based around toys, games, and cartoons have been on the rise for a while, and despite being hit and miss a lot of the time, there have been titles that have been widely accepted by the fans.

The surge in bringing various toys and games to the big screen for their own movies feels like kind of an odd move in some cases, but in others, it feels fairly natural as some ideas do lend themselves to this kind of experience. Polly Pocket is an adventure-laden cartoon that could easily be adapted into something that might make sense to a lot of fans. It’s easy to wonder what direction Lena Dunham will take it in, but given the level of acclaim she’s already received it’s possible to think that she’ll do something that will make sense to her and the fans that follow her while the rest of us might have to catch up and figure out what she’s up to and then simply enjoy the result once it’s all said and done. With the number of different stories that can be told by one toy or another, it’s very easy to think that few if any fans will be able to predict what’s coming.

Some folks might shake their heads at this idea and some might think it’s great, but overall it’s one more story among many that will have a chance to entertain those that are ready and willing to see what can be made from it. Given the interest in turning toys and games into movies, Polly Pocket is actually one of the more sensible ideas that’s come along in a while and could be one of the better movies that people will show interest in watching.

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