Five Great Movie Scenes Shot at Niagra Falls

Five Great Movie Scenes Shot at Niagra Falls

Five Great Movie Scenes Shot at Niagra Falls

Niagara Falls is actually the name given to three different falls that straddle the border between Canada and New York. Just standing next to any of the falls you get a sense of how much water is being moved along at an incredible clip and just how dangerous it might be to try and test them. But in movies we don’t always see the most sensible things and that’s why Niagara Falls is probably one of the best areas to film. It’s also quite beautiful to witness which is yet another reason, as it offers a pleasing backdrop that can create a sense of majesty that can heighten many films. Plus, the falls just look awesome.

Here are a few movies that make good use of the Falls.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

A lot of the film is CGI and staged in controlled studios, but the Falls were in fact used as a basis for the edge of the world scene. With that kind of drop and the necessary width of the Falls it makes for a very convincing shot as the ship starts to pitch over the edge and into the unknown abyss. It’s an interesting way to get to Davey Jones’ Locker that’s for sure.

4. Canadian Bacon

It’s crazy to think about but this movie is about a skirmish that almost breaks out between the US and Canada. I won’t go into what such a battle might be like but the movie is decent despite not getting a whole lot of attention. It was also John Candy’s last movie since he passed away in 1994. Some might say he didn’t go out on a high note but it could be that they haven’t watched the film.

3. Superman II

It seems fair to say that someone needed to be watching their kid a little closer so as to help them understand that when you play on the wrong side of the barrier there’s a good chance that you might slip and fall. It’s good cinema to allow Superman the time to go change and then zip on down to save the kid, who is falling just slow enough so that the man of steel can catch him.

2. Fever Pitch

The Falls are used as more of a backdrop in this movie since it’s primarily about baseball and one man’s obsession with it, the Boston Red Sox in particular. Yes there are people that are this dedicated to their sports teams, and yes it does become something of an unhealthy relationship between an individual and a team that doesn’t even know they exist.

1. Bruce Almighty

It’s pretty easy to understand Bruce’s meltdown at the Falls during this movie since the anchor position he wanted so badly went to the one guy he can’t stand. But then, as though to make it worse, Evan Baxter has to go and use the same material that Bruce used in his own bit, fully plagiarizing Bruce’s idea without so much as a mention of the man that came up with it.

Niagara Falls is one amazing backdrop for a movie.

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