The Top Five Ron Livingston Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Ron Livingston Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Ron Livingston Movie Roles of His Career

Ron Livingston is kind of a surprise as an actor since if you really think about it Office Space is the one movie that most people will know that he’s in. He’s been in more than a few films and he’s played prominent roles in a lot of them. Oddly enough he’s not as good as a bit player as he is when he’s integral to the story since he adds a lot to any movie he’s in. Ron has a sense of humor that’s dry and witty at the same time but isn’t too overbearing. As a result he can kind of get lost in the shuffle or be that calm, cool, and collected guy you can’t help but root for.

He can also be the jerk though,  but the cool guy is really preferred.

5. The Conjuring-Roger Perron

The Conjuring is based on a true story in which Ed and Lorraine Warren were called to a home that was being haunted by a malevolent spirit. It’s likely that much of the film took artistic license and changed a few things up but given that Lorraine Warren and the rest of the Perron family were firmly behind the making of the film it seems that they might have at least approved of any changes or embellishments that were made.

4. Vacation-Ethan

Doesn’t it just grind your gears when someone cuts in front of you in line? The preferred customer cards that parks offer sometimes can be nice if you can afford them but it feels like a giant cheat to be able to step right in front of someone that’s been waiting in line for about an hour or so. The reaction this provokes could just as easily happen in real life to tell the truth, but then it would get both people kicked out.

3. Drinking Buddies-Chris

Sometimes drinking buddies are closer than couples. However, no matter how much it seems like they might be perfect for each other some folks are just bound to stay apart simply because the drinking buddy, or just friend relationship, is about all they could really handle. It has more to do with how they’re alike and can really dig at each other in ways that no one else can. If opposites attract then similar folks tend to repel, at least to a certain distance.

2. Dinner for Schmucks-Caldwell

Caldwell is a straight up jerk. He does his best to undermine Rudd’s character and makes no apologies for the way he is. During the final dinner in which the ‘schmucks’ are being trotted out by their supposed friends he goes so far as to bring out Barry’s nemesis, the same man that took his wife and his manhood and made him into such an odd character. Thankfully it backfires and Barry takes back his sense of pride.

1. Office Space-Peter 

Did you get the memo? Peter is one of the many downtrodden office works at Initech that doesn’t like his job but can’t seem to find the gumption to walk out and do anything else. One night when he visits an occupational hypnotherapist however he suddenly finds the ability to just say to heck with it and start changing his life around.

Yes, I got the memo.

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