10 Reasons You Need to See “Paddleton”

10 Reasons You Need to See “Paddleton”

Paddleton seems like an interesting pairing and project that could be construed as a buddy movie, but according some people there seems to be a few undertones to the movie that some people could be reading too much into or are seeing as it’s meant to be. Two roommates who are about as close as they can be, they do everything together just about, find out that one of them has terminal cancer, and as a result life changes in a big way for both of them. It would seem that the man with the cancer wants to go on a road trip to obtain the type of medication that could help him end his life and he wants his buddy to come along and help him. It’s the kind of movie that you can’t help thinking is bound to get a little different here and there since it seems like it might get kind of dark and depressing at some point. But it still seems worth a look.

Here are a few things about the movie you might not know.

10. It’s not based on a true story but it feels like it could be.

This was actually a big question that a lot of people asked since the whole thing seems like it could be entirely real given the plot and the direction that the story goes in. But it’s been confirmed that while it does echo a lot of other stories that have gone down this road it’s not real and is a work of fiction.

9. The script was only 20 pages long, which is insanely low for any movie script.

If you’ve ever seen the size of an actual movie script you’d know that it’s a lot more than 20 pages, but somehow this one got pushed through and added onto in order to make it into something that could be worked into a full-length movie. How that happened is anyone’s guess. It must have been one heck of a script.

8. It shows once again that Ray Romano has managed to break out of the sitcom label.

Ray has been in more than one movie at this time in his career but it almost seems as though people still expect him to just go back to sitcoms for some reason since that’s where he was so popular for a while. But his presence in the movies is still hard to discount when it’s seen just how talented he is.

7. Ray was excited to play a role in this movie and went towards it without hesitation.

He did seem just a bit nervous going in at first but he didn’t really balk at wanting in on this project as it seemed like something that, to him, was worth the effort and could be made into something unique and great.

6. This is a different kind of buddy film that is meant to be funny as well as tragic.

There are so many buddy films out there that are either comical with very little drama or dramatic with very little comedy that this seems to be one of those that’s kind of in the middle and has just about as much comedy as drama in a nice blend of genres that might appease a lot of people.

5. There’s a very strong emotional bond between the characters.

When they say they’re neighbors it really means they’re roommates, but their relationship is one that keeps them pretty close since they enjoy doing a lot of things together and aren’t away from each other all that often.

4. The idea of a bromance is very feasible, but it doesn’t go beyond that.

Some folks think that it might have been good to see them explore a much more intimate relationship during the movie but it was always determined that they were good friends but nothing more. It’s not a stab against a gay agenda, but it’s also not something that’s going to simply push full ahead into anything else.

3. The movie does show a very accurate depiction of what happens when a best friend becomes ill with terminal cancer.

It’s horrifying for the person with the cancer since they know that eventually the cancer will eat them from the inside out so to speak, but it’s confusing for the person that has to be on the outside watching their best friend fade away. It’s a very traumatic time for everyone involved since it’s a finality that has no cure.

2. It’s one of the more down to earth movies to come along in a while.

You could argue that there have been a lot of down to earth movies lately, but this is one of them that really seems entirely grounded without anything to use as a lifeline in order to make it any more positive than it has a right to be.

1. So far it seems as though it’s received very good reviews.

It would seem the critics like it so far, which could be good or bad depending on what kind of movies you like and how much you trust critics.

It might be worth watching.

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