Is It Too Soon For A Son of Kong Movie?

Is It Too Soon For A Son of Kong Movie?

Is It Too Soon For A Son of Kong Movie?

I’ve written several times about the future of the Monsterverse, especially after the massive success of Godzilla vs. Kong. Above all else, we can at least largely appreciate it for brining people back to the movies. Heck, it might have even saved movie theaters from closing down permanently. Now if we’re talking about the future of the Monsterverse, what happens after the big showdown? They can certainly go bigger after this and bring even more people back to the theaters. That’s a good thing, but the movie still has to be epic beyond all comprehension.

So what can possibly be more epic than Godzilla fighting Kong? I’ve openly written about some possibilities, but rumor has it, Warner Bros. has something rather unexpected in mind. No, apparently there will be no rematch between Godzilla and Kong, but based on the reports I’m reading, it looks like we could be getting another Son of Kong movie.

Wait, we already got that a long time ago, didn’t we? Then again, we also got the original King Kong vs. Godzilla movie back in 1962. That was a total corn fest, just like the recent movie, but with that expected ’60s vibe. For that time, it worked for audiences, especially since it had two giant iconic monsters going at it on the big-screen. That’s an awesome concept that had to be reinvented for the modern era. It certainly worked, but likewise, there are other older concepts that should stay in the past.

Yes, I’m talking about Son of Kong. If I saw it on TV once before, it was a long time ago and I don’t really remember it. If I remember correctly, the movie featured the title character, King Kong’s son, and also the famous Carl Denham. When I think of that character, I just remember Jack Black. I mean, come on, it’s Jack Black. The man’s hard to forget, no matter who he plays.

Unlike his version of Carl Denham, the Robert Armstrong version got to continue his journey with another giant ape. Now, this was kind of an awkward journey. I don’t remember most of the movie, but I do remember how it ended. The much-less famous son of Kong sacrificed his life to save Carl Denham from drowning by holding him above water while he remained under water. So while his father met his demise by airplanes, his son met his end by drowning. Kind of anti-climactic, but what made it strange was that Kong’s son died saving the man who was indirectly responsible for the death of Kong himself.

So why did the son of Kong feel the need to save Carl Denham anyway? If there was a reason that was established in the movie, I don’t remember it. The movie itself was forgettable, because if we’re being honest, there can be no replacement for King Kong. With that being said, why would Warner Bros. find it necessary to do another movie about King Kong’s son? I’m guessing it’s mostly because they want to continue expanding the Monsterverse, which I get. However, I honestly don’t feel like a Son of Kong movie is the best way to continue this franchise.

First of all, how would they even approach that kind of story? Well, let’s take a minute and look back at where Kong’s story left off. We know that he’s currently residing in some kind of Hollow Earth, where he may or may not find more of his kind. If he does, that would explain how Kong even made a child of his own. The only problem with that route is that I don’t see it going anywhere. Where would the conflict be? It’s possible that Kong and his son could take on Godzilla together, given the ancient rivalry between their two species. However, if they do want to do this story, they can go another route that might sound a little ridiculous.

After what we saw in Godzilla vs. Kong, we can be sure that humanity has a knack for attempting to create their own giant monsters. Of course, that always backfires on them, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. Hey, if characters ever learned their lessons, we would never have sequels. The “bad” humans used mad science and lots of money to recreated the Skullcrawlers. Of course, those were only considered to be prototypes, as the Apex Cybernetics built their own Mechagodzilla. If humanity is capable of building their own twisted version of Godzilla, then what’s to stop them from creating their own callous version of Kong?

Perhaps there are some mad scientists from Apex Cybernetics who are still working on making their own monsters. If there are, all they need is some kind of DNA sample from Kong and they can grow a Kong of their own. And now that Hollow Earth is known to humanity, someone can be sneaky enough to steal a sample of Kong or a piece of his new home. And much like with Mechagodzilla, they can work under the radar and take time to make the evil clone of Kong. In that case, the clone would technically be the “son” of Kong, since he shares his DNA.

This could bring Kong out of his home and force him to fight one of his kind. There should be no crazy situation where the son of Kong gives his life to save his father’s killer. Instead, give us something that involves crazy movie science and Kong battling one of his own. Given that his species is extinct, it would be very intriguing to see how Kong would even react to seeing one of his own kind again. The battle could severe his ties to humanity or break his spirit completely, but hey, at least we’d get a cool giant ape fight out of it.

Will this movie even happen. For the sake of continuing the Monsterverse, I’d say go for it, but there are more interesting options. We also have to consider the fact that Adam Wingard has a busy schedule with the Face/Off sequel and him working on his Thundercats movie. Warner Bros. wants him back, understandably so, but they can also hire another director. Granted, Adam Wingard did a great job with Godzilla vs. Kong, so he would be the ideal choice. If the man can direct that kind of action, then by all means, bring him back.

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