10 Comic Book Characters That are Way Too Overpowered

10 Comic Book Characters That are Way Too Overpowered

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credit: DC Comics

Writers love to beef up their creations, especially when it comes to superheroes and villains. The fact is that fans love the heroes and villains they’ve been given over the years and have defended these fictional characters vehemently when it comes to their powers and skills. The only issue with this is that thanks to the fans and their need to see more and defend one character or another, the characters have evolved in a manner that has left many of them seriously overpowered in a very ridiculous fashion. At some point, a lot of heroes have become so insanely strong and resistant to so many types of damage that they should be able to take on armies on their own. Some heroes have had their powers dialed down over the years, but others have still been amped up even further as the years have gone by. 

Here are ten heroes that are ridiculously overpowered. 

10. Superman

Superman Becomes a Star/Superheroes Take Over the World

credit: DC Comics

Superman has been seriously overpowered for decades, but as time has gone on and new threats have been created, his immunities and resistances have continued to evolve, but in a manner that feels as though his creators are children saying something akin to “Oh yeah? Well now he can do this!”. Seriously, it makes him feel like a walking set of plot armor, which he kind of is. 

9. Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl: Universe Announced By Marvel - Daily Superheroes - Your  daily dose of Superheroes news

credit: Marvel Comics

As one of the biggest jokes in the Marvel Universe, Squirrel Girl has been given the kind of power that doesn’t make a lot of sense, considering that while she is capable, she’s somehow able to take on those who are far above her weight class and win. In all honestly, Squirrel Girl’s best power is the ability to kick butt while off-panel, since otherwise, her creators might have to explain why she’s being given such a huge pass. 

8. Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards Is The Most Overpowered Superhero In The Marvel Universe

credit: Marvel Comics

One can’t really blame a kid for how they’re born since Franklin’s parents had already been granted powers and had their DNA changed years before he was born. He was essentially given no choice as to what would happen to his DNA upon his conception. But the idea that he can create pocket universes, dominate the likes of Galactus, and is one of the most powerful individuals in Marvel is kind of confusing. How do super-stretching powers and invisible powers come together to make someone who can alter reality? 

7. Shazam

The Return of Shazam Brings Billy Back to DC (But How?)

credit: DC Comics

Characters like Shazam are a bit frustrating since they have all the power of multiple characters but few, if any, of the drawbacks. It’s true that he’s a popular character, all of those on this list are, but at the same time, one has to think of the fact that many of these characters have simply been given the type of power that they wield so effortlessly. At the very least, a lot of them do have to get used to the power that they hold. 

6. Martian Manhunter

All of Martian Manhunter's Powers, Ranked

credit: DC Comics

When it comes to the many different powers that characters are given and the manner in which they’re protected by the writers, one gets a character like Martian Manhunter. While he can stand toe to toe with so many different heroes and villains, his one glaring weakness, fire, is something that he rarely has to deal with. Plot armor, engaged. 

5. Dr. Manhattan

Watchmen: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Doctor Manhattan

credit: DC Comics

There’s so much that can be said about this character in terms of being overpowered that one can’t say enough about how crazy Manhattan’s powers really are. The fact that he can think anything into reality makes him kind of a boring character sometimes, especially since it would appear that he could, if he wanted, just think anyone or anything out of existence. True, it’s not quite that simple, but it’s not far off. 

4. Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey Faces True Judgment for Her Dark Phoenix Era in X-Men Preview

credit: Marvel Comics

Kind of like Dr. Manhattan, Dark Phoenix is simply too powerful, but she has fewer morals and tends to follow her nature quite often since this is a being that can destroy worlds on a whim and can be reborn if anyone does actually end her. In the Marvel Universe, her power has been amped up in a manner that makes her one of the most powerful entities in the entire franchise, and without Jean Grey’s morals or The One Above All, she could easily be one of those who could end this reality. 

3. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Reading Order - Comic Book Treasury

credit: DC Comics

At one time, it felt as though Wonder Woman had been given reasonable limits, and while she was powerful, she wasn’t the type of character that felt a little too over the top. But in the last decade or so, Wonder Woman has become a nearly unstoppable force who’s only dialed down when it’s needed to keep her reputation as a noble and popular character. 

2. Booster Gold

Booster Gold: Every DC Timeline He Prevented (or Caused)

credit: DC Comics

The fact is that Booster Gold is a regular human that’s able to do what he does because of the suit he wears and all the abilities that have somehow been installed within this miracle suit. If not for that simple garment, Booster would be a guy in peak condition, but the feats that he’s been capable of for years would be well beyond his capabilities. 

1. Batman

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credit: DC Comics

Batman is, quite simply, the definition of plot armor. If that were to be taken away, well, Batman would still be a highly trained and intelligent human being, but a gun would be a lot bigger problem, and thoughts of taking on someone like Darkseid or even Bane would be, well, a serious issue. 

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