Young Sheldon Review: Sheldon Saves The Family Brisket

Young Sheldon

This serious may be called Young Sheldon, but we’re learning so much about the Cooper family dynamics. Characters we’ve seen once or twice are being seen in a whole new context. Characters who have only been talked about are being fleshed out; most importantly, George Sr. The Cooper family patriarch has many layers, but at his core, he’s a Texas man who loves his meat. For a man like that, there is no greater goal than getting his hands on the Holy Grail of meats. The problem is, Meemaw holds the recipe to the Holy Grail, and she likes to play games. It’s up to Sheldon to step in and keep brisket from tearing his family apart.

Meemaw thinks it’s funny, but George is really, really hurt that his mother-in-law doesn’t trust him with her brisket recipe. It causes a fight between the Coopers, and then the desperation sets in. After 15 years, George is done asking. But Meemaw is no fool. All of the best cooks keep their prize recipes locked away in their minds. Mary is stuck in the middle. Meemaw loves to play mind games, but did George really have to make it so easy? He really should have been tipped off when Meemaw sent him to New Orleans for brisket ingredients.

Now we’ve seen Sheldon do alot of impressive things, and if we haven’t seen them, he’s told us about it. But this may be the most impressive thing he has ever done. He memorized Meemaw’s brisket recipe when he was 23 months old! If there was one bragging story a Texas mother could tell about her children after Sunday church, this is it. Meemaw and George make peace before Sheldon can reveal the entire recipe, but make no mistake, George was not walking away empty-handed. You don’t separate a man from his meat.

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