We Can Confirm that the First Episode of Young Sheldon Will Be Solid

It had previously been reported that Iain Armitage would take the role of a young Sheldon cooper in a Big Bang Theory spinoff series.  Earlier today the series has been confirmed by CBS and the show Young Sheldon officially has the green light.  According to TV Guide

Iron Man director Jon Favreau will executive-produce and direct the first episode. Jim Parsons will narrate, Wonder Years-style, as grown-up Sheldon. Unlike The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon will be a single-camera sitcom without a laugh track. As previously reported, 9-year-old Iain Armitage will play the boy genius, and Zoe Perry will play his mother Mary. Perry is the real-life daughter of Laurie Metcalf, who plays Mary on The Big Bang Theory. The series is executive-produced by Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro, Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak.

Spin-offs are definitely a hit or miss and I’m giving this one a potential miss. While I’m 100% sure that the first episode will be solid simply because Jon Favreau will be behind the camera, I’m iffy at best when I think at the show’s prospects.  The idea of a Wonder Years style format is solid simply because we haven’t seen it in a while, but there are too many questions to be asked here.

When The Big Bang Theory started Sheldon was colder than ice and his personality wasn’t “human” at all.  They can’t possibly get away with that for Young Sheldon.  No one is going to like a lifeless acting child unless you repeat that God awful show about the little robot V.I.C.K.Y called Small Wonder.   I don’t think that would play too well today.  So what are they going to do with young Armitage?  And won’t Sheldon’s narrating eventually get pretty annoying?  And there’s only so many bullying scenes we’ll be able to stand before crying every episode when I’m sure this is going to be a comedy.

Like I said, I’m confident that Favreau will bring it home in the premiere but as far as this show making it, I find it impossible especially while The Big Bang Theory is still airing.   The only spin-off that I’m really liking right now is Better Call Saul.

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