Young Sheldon Review: We Give Thanks For Football

Young Sheldon

On Young Sheldon, Thanksgiving talk isn’t about the food on the table or the family blessings. In the Cooper household, it’s all about football. It’s only fitting we see Sheldon’s first active interaction in the game with his family. Not that Sheldon would ever willingly touch a football. He is more inclined to do what he does best: math. Usually the Coopers treat Sheldon’s mathematical ingenuity as an oddity in their house, but not necessarily something that directly affects them. Once Sheldon starts using math for something the family loves, even stranger things abound in the Cooper home.

Sheldon is always spouting off statistics, and most of the time they are ignored. George Sr. isn’t all that inclined to take Sheldon’s football advice, until Mary reminds him that their son has been doing their taxes for the last three years. Why not take a chance on Sheldon’s advice? Even if it wasn’t George’s JV team to win, it was worth it to see Mary Cooper yell “Boo-Ya!” in someone’s face. Sheldon continues to lead the football team to victory for more than a month later, and becomes popular. I can’t imagine the number of times Sheldon had to wash his hands. They must have been red and dry by the end of each day.

Poor Sheldon. All the kid wants to do is his homework. Instead he has to calculate the statistics and plays for the school’s upcoming games, as well as NFL games for his gambling Meemaw. Suddenly, he’s kept up late, being dragged out to parties, and making his brother jealous with the attention he’s getting. Sheldon can put up with all of that. What he can’t stand is a dreaded B+ on a math test. To Sheldon, that’s worse than being slapped, except he’d be slapping himself. Instead of living this cycle forever, Sheldon lets Mary in on everything that’s been happening. If there’s one thing Mary Cooper is good at, it’s yelling at people. Life then goes back to normal.

Amidst all the turkey talk, a serious topic was brought up. Meemaw’s gambling is nothing to laugh about. Her imposing loan shark proves that. It’s a dangerous habit that has never been discussed on The Big Bang Theory. This makes us think that either Meemaw curbed her habit before it got too out of control, or she did a good job of keeping the effects away from Sheldon.

Does it seem like Meemaw’s gambling story is just getting started?

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