Young and the Restless: Juliet Works Cane

Young and the Restless: Juliet Works Cane

Young and the Restless fans know Cane is in a tough spot. He is finally realizing that his wife has absolutely no desire to make their marriage work. She wants nothing to do with him and their life together, and it’s not something he’s happy about. She came to counseling only because she wanted to try and do the right thing for their kids, but she no longer cares about her marriage to Cane. And he’s upset. So when Juliet shows up at his place with takeout for dinner, she’s walking into a perfect situation.

Here is the man who got her pregnant all upset and sulking because his wife won’t talk to him, won’t stay married to him, and won’t give him the time of day. Yet here is Juliet doing all the things he wants in a wife, and he might begin to see her in a different manner.

She is willing to do whatever it takes to get him to be a part of her life for the long run, and we are very interested to see how she plans on making sure he is part of her future for reasons other than the baby she is carrying. She is going to pretend to be the perfect wife so that he might see her in that light and decide he wants to be with her. She loves this situation, and she is doing whatever she can to make herself look good in it. Will it work?

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