Yes, There’s a House Hunters Drinking Game

Yes, There’s a House Hunters Drinking Game

Yes, There’s a House Hunters Drinking Game


If we were betting people, we’d bet there are so few people in the world who have not watched at least one episode of House Hunters in their life. It’s the show that has been on HGTV forever (well, it seems like forever), and it has so many spinoffs that we cannot keep up. Now you can watch people house hunt in certain states, for specific houses, tiny, big, if they want to live on the beach, on the island, internationally, or whatever. There is always a new show to watch, and it should come as no surprise to anyone that there is a drinking game associated with this show. If we are being honest, we’d say that sometimes we do mock the show a bit, “We are home buyers looking for a new home for our newly growing family. I’m a professional monkey juggler and my wife is a freelance tricycle rider, and our budget is a modest $7 million. All we want is a cozy cabin in the mountains with 5 bedrooms,” and then their realtor tells them it’ll be hard to find something in that price range on that mountain, and we will all laugh because, well, it’s funny.

A Little History

House Hunters hasn’t technically been on the air forever, but it has been on the air since 1999, which is officially last century. If you want to be funny but also honest, it’s been on television for two centuries. Realistically, however, there are more than 200 seasons of this show, which is essentially unheard of. The show does what it does, which is follow around people who want to buy a house. We get to see a total of three-ish homes, and we get to hear these buyers talk about what they love, what they don’t love, and how this is going for them. We always see them happily ever after in their new home, and everyone wins. The show is rumored to choose house hunters who are already homeowners who bought a house. They film them looking at homes we all know that they will not buy because they already bought a home, but no one cares about the details. Show us the houses. But, we are so excited to know that we can spice things up a bit by drinking to it.

House Hunters Drinking Game

Here we go. The concept is simple – every show is different, yet so much alike. Grab your glass, fill it with your beverage of choice, and get to play in a responsible and safe manner, of course. Here are the rules: Every single time the following occurs, you must take a sip of your drink. We do not recommend playing with shots because you could die, but a small sip of your favorite wine or basic White Claw or beer might work better. Or, you could just drink water. Either way, your job is to take a sip each time someone does or says the following, per Distractify:

  • A couple recently had a baby
    A couple is pregnant
    Someone says a property has potential
    Someone says the property is outdated
    Someone goes into a walk-in closet
    The word hardwood floors is mentioned
    The narrator says rustic, charm, or cozy
    A couple disagrees
    The paint is ugly
    The carpet is ugly
    Realtor suggests a home that is less than the couple’s budget
    House is too big
    House is too small
    Someone says open concept floor plan
    A buyer wants granite
    A buyer wants stainless steel
    The realtor is annoyed with the couple
    Someone’s house has ugly wallpaper

Here is where things get interesting. The game goes on to suggest you take two sips if the following occurs:

  • A house comes with an attic or a basement
    Move-in ready is mentioned
    The house is priced way too high
    The couple has a pet
    Buyers like to entertain
    More than 3 bedrooms
    Homebuyers are younger than you are
    Backyard is too small
    Vaulted ceilings
    Engaged couple
    Married couple but for less than a year
    A couple has been married two or more times
    They couple settles
    Master bath has his and her sinks
    Location sucks

Finally, you get to take three sips of your drink if the following happens:

  • Someone says words such as wow factor, man cave, or laminate
    The buyer is single
    Someone suggests removing walls
    Curb appeal is suggested

And, finally, you can finish the game by drinking your entire beverage if the buyers are looking at homes that are located within 100 miles of your own home.

Good luck.beverage

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